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Main Characters

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1 Main Characters on Mon Nov 26, 2007 3:20 am


Wata Leader
Wata Leader
(Main Character only, other characters are to be written about in your own personal thread)

Name (IE whole name and code name of character):
Age/DoB: 00
Sex: M or F

Element/Attribute (IE born element, weapon element, what the character is): Dark, Human

Ability/Power/Specialty (IE what the character can do, and what it's specialize in): Speed, Magic, Mid-Range

Weapon/Items (IE name and what it is): Strada, Spear

Familiar/Summon (IE name, what it is, small details):

Bio (where the character is from (IE hometown, planet) and its roots (IE family and who they are, if important or royal, common, poor, rich etc.. but if orphan there's no need to mention of roots unless the character knows his & family past/members): Red Moon, no planet.

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2 Komadori Koutos-Clash on Fri Dec 28, 2007 1:10 pm


Name:Komadori Koutos
Code Name: Clash, 011
Age: 15
Specialize:Close Combat, Sneak Attacks
Bio: A morpher who has lost his memory after a number of harsh experimental procedures (at the Northern Mountains of Several) to increase the morphers power and to turn him into a killing machine with no will of his own, but before the procedure was completed he was put in suspended animation until Legna's assistant decides what to do with him and the other experiments.He was a long line of different kinds of morphers and power absorbers due to arranged pairings in his clan.He was to be one of their strongest warriors but his powers were concealed of at birth and would take years and years to obtain even a fraction of it.They had been planing to train him since birth but they had led themselves to believe that he had no powers at all.Years later after playing in th woods alone something happened.He had been attacked by a bear.When the bear jumped on him and had gotten ready to claw clash face off.The fear of an almost death experience just triggered one of his soon to be common powers.He turned into a bear himself and defeated it.He was now looking for dangerous animals to absorb he found several witch he then learned how to combine.He was the youngest in his clan to get this ability so they nick named him "Clash" which is the only thing clash remembers when he awakes from the suspended animation.The experiments done on him had reveled his powers that were meant to be and more.Although most of
the experimentation was done to power his unleashed form(War related reasons)somehow every time he goes into
Malignant unleashed form he becomes stronger regularly and in unleshed form.But the more he goes into this form
it gains even more power over him.Legnas patiently awaits the moment he cracks.

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3 Re: Main Characters on Fri Dec 28, 2007 3:32 pm


Flame Demon
Code Name:Youkai
Age: 15
Specialize:every range of combat
Bio:A demon that kills other demons for fun.fights only for himself and knows no mercy.No one knows where he is since he constantly moves.His powers are also unknown since he has never lost a fight.Hes looking for a challenge.He is the only surviving member of the fenikkusu clan. But not much else is known about him.

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4 Re: Main Characters on Tue Jan 08, 2008 6:02 pm


Name : lardyn

Age: 15

Sex: M

Element/Attribute :

Ability/Power/Specialty:close combat and long range

Weapon/Items :long sword and assalt rifle

Familiar/Summon : talking sabortooth named jonny

Bio: desendent of the godess of nature in a forest on planet exidon.

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5 Re: Main Characters on Sun Jan 20, 2008 11:15 pm


Shinigami Taisho
Shinigami Taisho
specialize:long range and close combact does that include hand to hand combat?
ability:control of shadows in general

"fight the tears, With pretty smiles....and.....kiss the stars with me"

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6 Abyssol on Fri May 02, 2008 2:17 pm





Specialty:magic and close range combat

Weapons/items:The legendary Kurai blade,Dark Aura,Black steel rifle

Bio:Abyssol was found as a Baby with a huge Black wolf named Ankoku by the guildmaster of a treasure hunting guild.The guildmaster raised him and mad the guild abyssol home.

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