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chapter three: The Bounty Hunter


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1 chapter three: The Bounty Hunter on Fri Feb 08, 2008 10:03 am


After Lardyn and Jonny leaves exidon forest, he relocates in the forest of lavia. lardyn then completed the healing process with jonny's wounds.

Lardyn: (while fixing an ace band over jonny's four legs) ... i am sorry for what happened to you,.... i was reckless.
... i may have healed you but i know that does not solve everything.

Jonny: it's no problem at all, i am actually stronger then you think. you see.... i was a reliable ally for king maitthias before i realized how evil he really is. then.... the time of what was gonna be a elf and goblin war, i turned on king maitthias and lead his army in the wrong path, so that he cannot start the war. i then fled to exidon forest to avoid the bounty hunters he sent after me... i would be a slave this very day if it was not for your mother who was protecting me at that time. that is why i protected her and you.... she trained me in the way of nature and made my heart pure again.

Lardyn: wow.... i did not know my mother did so many great things..... but i have one question... how did you stop the war?? how did that make him evil by not letting the goblins win?

Jonny: because he was gonna start the war... the elf king before him made the goblins allies instead of enemies, because they live close and there so big in numbers... maitthais wonted to expand exidon, so he wonted there land... maitthias would have lost if i had not led his troops the wrong way.

Lardyn: wow..... i am so blessed to have you as a partner jonny.

Jonny: Jonny.... i am sorry Lardyn, but if i am going to help you and come back in contact with king maitthias and his army, i cannot be called Jonny.... he knows me by that name.... call me..... hayashineko. (hayashineko:forest cat)

Lardyn: ummm... hayashineko?

Hayashineko: yes... thats my real name.... so if you would call me by that from now on, they would not know me.

Lardyn: hayashineko, got it.... but can i call you hayashi for short??

Hayashi: (sigh) ok.. i wont be called by my whole name, just hayashi. that is kinda lazy though.... (Lardyn and Hayashi hears rumble in nearby bushes)

???: wow.. i never new over sized cats can talk!!! you would be a great prize for the fare!!! and that is lazy man....

Lardyn: who are you??!!

Hayashi: state your name stranger!!

???: oh!! how rude of i, my name is kaji (kaji: fire) the seventh captain of the fire guild.

Hayashi: fire guild?? then what are you doing in a forest??

Kaji: why els would i be in a forest?? i am looking for a bounty posted on my city walls by king maitthias. And i think you two are my targets.

Lardyn: no... i wont let this happen.... i wont let another forest be destroyed because of me..... i... i have to surrender... i wont let this forest burn.....

Hayashi: sir kaji, you are a noble man right?

Kaji: uuh... i would like to think so, yes Smile

Hayashi: so i ask you, don't burn down this forest, let us take this someplace more harmless to our country.

Kaji: you have a point there cat... i mean one forest already burned down.. and i would probly get kicked out my guild if i burn this one down.... so let us take this "battle" to the grasslands.

Hayashi: nice choice kaji.... you sure you wonna work for maitthias? you do know how evil he really is right?

Kaji: i know of his wrong doings in the past... but i need the money.... im sorry.

Hayashi: okay then shall we go?

Lardyn, hayashi, and kaji head to the grasslands

Kaji: so, you may be the more friendly one mr. cat, but the poster said the real bounty was the boy... so im gonna fight him, will you join?

Hayashi: you seam like a honorable man kaji.... i will watch...... if thats ok with you lardyn?

Lardyn: i will fight haya.... plus your wounds have not fully healed.

Hayashi: haya??? whats that???

Lardyn: oh.... i just did not feel like saying your whole name.

hayashi: (sigh) you can be so lazy sometimes lardyn.....

Kaji: ok ok!!! i have things to do today you know!! lets get on with this!! (sparks fly from the center of kaji's left hand)

Lardyn: you will regret trying to capture me! (lardyn turns his arms into steaks and charges at kaji)

Kaji: nice powers, but you are so new to fighting... you have no strategy (kaji forms a fireball from the sparks in the center of his left hand and shoots it at lardyn. lardyn falls to the ground in pain but quickly gets back up)

Lardyn: hes good.... but im better!!! (lardyn shoots needles out of his arms but kaji burns them to a crisp)

Kaji: :lol!: you are so simple lardyn. i wonder why maitthias would pay 20,000 geru(geru: money) for your body...
oh well i guess ill just finish this quickly (kaji forms bigger fireballs in both of his hands and shoots them at lardyn)

Lardyn: aaaahh!!! (lardyn puts his hands across his face, plant roots from the ground form together and protects lardyn from the fireballs)

Kaji: impressive.... i may have under estimated you.... well lets see if you can protect your self from this!! anrokku!!! (anrokku: unlock)

Hayashi: no!!!

kaji: witness my power!!! (kaji's body sets on fire) take this!!! ( kaji's head grows five times its size and then shoots out a large fireball that hits lardyn directly) ..... well thats done...

Hayashi: ...no.... i.... failed... no!!! i will not fail!! haaahh!!

kaji: i thought you would do that!! ( kaji's head grows bigger this time ) i did not wont to do this to you!!! you should have left when you had the time!!! (kaji shoots a large fireball at hayashi)

Hayashi: i will not fail!! ( hayashi runs right threw the large fireball and spikes grow out of his back and tail) anrokku!!!

Kaji: what!!! ( a enchanted net falls from the sky and falls on hayashi and shocks him) huh!!!?? what going on?

???: (claping from above ) good good!!! i knew you could do it!!

kaji: huh??? lord maitthias!!! (kaji bows) thank you for the aid my lord, but i did not need help

Maitthias: oh?? thats not what it looked like. but never mind that, you have done your job, report to shinara the capital of exidon to claim you prize, oh almost forgot take them away (exidon soldiers take hayashi and lardyn away)

Kaji: thank you my lord, i am honored (kaji bows again) but i can't help but ask my king, why do you want that boy?

maitthias: well... your a bounty hunter, these things are of no meening to you....

Kaji: i am sorry my king...

maitthias: but if you must know, this boy has a special power from his mother that i want. so i need him so we can take his soul, thats the power

Kaji: so in other words you are going to kill this boy my lord?

maitthias: yes Smile

Kaji:..........(kaji looks ant lardyn and hayashi) .......... well sucks for them :lol!:

Maitthias: hahahaha!!!!

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2 Re: chapter three: The Bounty Hunter on Sat Feb 09, 2008 12:15 pm


Wata Leader
Wata Leader
Sounds way to cartoony... like an episode of something. Let me guess, now they must escape and probably Kaji turns good? Aside from that it was very good =P I was able to imagine the whole thing while reading it except I didn't get a real aspect on how Kaji looks or the King.

It was good how you said that about bounty hunters ^-^ cuz is true.

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3 Re: chapter three: The Bounty Hunter on Tue Feb 12, 2008 2:47 pm


Flame Demon
well the story was good but you made kaji was to obvious

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4 Re: chapter three: The Bounty Hunter on Tue Feb 12, 2008 6:29 pm


I thought that you would imagine the way he looks by his moves, but in case you didn't, he has mage clothing on (cloth). (see "other charecterz" in the story context section for full discription on Kaji)

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5 Re: chapter three: The Bounty Hunter on Tue Feb 26, 2008 8:00 am


Wata Leader
Wata Leader
this is nice but it's true kali is really predictable but great work I'll give you a 4! ^.^

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