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Wata Leader
Six years later an unfamous mercenary called by the name "Hunter" was being followed by a shady guy hiding between trees, they were in the Blue Forest, Hunter was with a girl about his age she had very light green colour hair and vaguely blue, green eyes, she seemed to be floating on air going around hunter beautiflly as if dancing, the girl stopped and looked at Hunter with a smirk on her face, in a blink on an eye Hunter disappeared, the hiding guy was surprise, the girl looked at him with a smile on her was , the guy felt a cold wind flowing through his body , the wind appeared to be alive as it grasp him disablling him from any movement , right then he felt a sharp object on his neck, it was Hunter .
“leave us alone if you don’t want to die” said Hunter
“ye…yeah!” said the guy shriveling in fear “I’ll stop but please help me…”
The man adam’s apple bulged as he swallow, Hunter took the knife off his neck.
“Alek who is the guy” eagerly said Stephii
“Just some guy ”looking“ for help"

Hunter threw the guy off the tree, as the guy fell he swiftly recover and landed on his feet, he looked at Stephii and then looked back at Hunter but he was not there anymore, he looked back at Stephii and Hunter was behind her the guy was impress but he held from expressing he's amazement he then took a deep breath and said.

"I go by the name of Solrac, I need you to escort me to the western expanses of Sylfvaria"
"Where exactly do you want us to take you" said Hunter
"I'm not sure exactly, I need to save a special someone he was capture by some monster and they headed to the east"
"it must be Shights, you are lucky that's my specialty"
"then i guess I'm lucky..."
"hey! then what do we get in exchange?" asked Stephii
" I'll give you my most treasured treasure..."
"all right then, to the east we go! " excitedly said Hunter
"YAY!" Stephii said happily

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