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Wata Leader
a week later after the battle, Selfier in the Bahala Inn recived a letter reading:
"Dear Selfier you being invited to the Bahala Royal Castle, in order to accept your price for the exterminaton of the Pearl Dragon."

Selfier and Stephii headed towards the castle through a forest, the forest seem ominous no animals, no sound, just dead looking plants everywhere, Selfier & CO were little interested they kept walking like without a damn in the world.

"We never did this for a bounty it seems rather strange" said hunter worried.
"Hey at least they took attention to our work..." Stephii replied.
"Our work? You came at the last moment...."
"oh yeah.... sorry about that" nervously laughs Stephii.
"Hey I'm getting better at controling the power you gave me"
"Cool and yet you got your ass handed silly" replied Stephii.
"hum... you are right...."
"huh, I though you were gonna reply differently...."
"you know me too, hah! I guess things aren't as you always expect."
While Selfier and Stephii kept having a conversation, beings were lurking around Selfier & Co trying to go for an ambush, their growl could be heard, the beings hiding in the shadows were
, they in a blink of an eye jumped from all over the place onto Selfier and Stephii but they kept talking not minding the shights, as the came closer the wind took life cuttings through them like a hot knife through butter.

"These shights are beyond weak, is like they broke the limit of weakness and then another time and then some..." Said Selfier.
"huh!? What th...." blood dripped on Stephii's cheek "OK THAT'S IT! I'm bringing the big guns!"

False promises only work for Doctors and  Goverments. The reasom why these lies only work for these two groups is because by the time you are able to realize these are lies, you will probably already be dead.
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