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The training-6

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1 The training-6 on Fri Mar 07, 2008 10:38 am


Flame Demon
youkai waking up realizing that the king figure out that he was holding back that day he enter the gates decided that it was time to train D. and see if she really is the heir to the swords.youkai started to get dress when D. walked in on him"oops sorry youkai." D. blushing trying to close the door."hey D. come in here i need to talk to you, and dont worry i have my clothes on already." youkai trying not to scream at her for walking in on him without knocking."umm you sure." D. now scared that youkai would be mad at her. "hey i have to talk to you about your training with a sword and much more if your up for it. so what do you say D. do you want me to train you." youkai asking D. while picking up his swords and putting them alway. D. thinking to herself not sure if she should cause she never like fighting but decided to learn how to fight, only to defend and not attack." ok youkai i made up my mind, ill take you up on that offer but under one condition." D. stall for a bit while youkai look at her with a concern look on his face."and that condition is?'' youkai now curious on what that condition was but try to hide his curiousity but couldnt."ill will train with you but i wont fight. I ha..." D. was cut off by youkai who had his finger on her lips." dont worry bout fighting D, thats why im training you so you can defend yourself." youkai heading out the room and into the corradoor.D. still confused but didnt really care and follow youkai out into the hall way and into the training room that they had past the day before." so before we begin, come here and take this sword we are going to train using real swords and not fake swords like most beginiers." youkai holding out one of his swords and waited for D. to take it keeping an eye on the door." o..ok but never mind." D. took the swords and took a few steps back while youkai drew his second sword." now D. i want you to attack me and dont hold back." youkai leaving himself open " but i dont want to attack you." D. saying with a look on her face as if she was about to cry." fine if you wont attack me then i will attack you." youkai ran toward D. as if hey was going to attack her but then stop cause D. closed her eyes scared." hey D. open your eyes.In a fight you shouldnt close your eyes and never put your weapon on your side unless the fight is over. and besides how are you gonna defend yourself if you keep getting scared." youkai walked away and got back into ready position while D. slowly and barely open her eyes." im sorry bu..." ' thats enough." youkai cutting her off again but not moving from his position." hey dont worry bout it. i can tell that you been through alot and maybe even attacked alot but remember this is just training so dont worry so much.'' youkai started to move forward and started to attack, and D. also statred to fight right back. little did they know they were being watch by someone in the distance. after a few days of training with swords youkai decided it was time to teach her on how to use the flame wave cuase he noticed that durning their training D. emited some strange power like a mixed kind of power." ok no sword training today from now on im going to teach you one of my techinques and maybe just maybe you dont have to ever use something that i want to teach you." youkai now looking concern after so long worry D." hey as long as your still with me im sure i wont have to. right." saying D. trying to make youkai feel better. youkai thanked D. for her words and headed outside." hey why are we heading outside for youkai.'' D. curouis as to why they arent heading to the training room." well the technique im going to teach you is the flame wave or you can call it the fire wave strike. but in order for me to teach you it i first have to show you it dont i." youkai saying with a cocky look on his face." oh that make sense.'' D. was a bit excited but was unsure what to expect.when youkai was about to show D. the attack when youkai sense something and turned around to find that the king was standing near the opening of the surronding forest." hello youkai.".....

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why is this locked for others?

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