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1 prologue on Sat Mar 08, 2008 1:49 pm


In a country isolated buy other societies, there lies a elf race that has no relations with other races except for goblins, harpies, and ogers that live one there country. in this country called exidon there lies a young hero named lardyn. he is a elf skilled in the power of nature, and son of gaia the mother of nature. one the day lardyn was to be told that his father was the once and great king ranpue and that he was the hair to the throne of exidon, the forest he lived in was burned down by his mothers worst enemy, king maitthias. he was the king of exidon and a hunter that hunted in the forest of exidon. he has tried to capture the power of gaia numeres times but failed. but when he burned down the forest of exidon, he caused gaia to flee and our young hero to go in a coma for 5 mounths. thus were our story biggins.....

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