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amazing power- 7

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1 amazing power- 7 on Mon Mar 10, 2008 6:30 pm


Flame Demon
"hello youkai lets see how strong you really are. i need to see if you are a threat to me or not." the king drawing his sword not really giving youkai much choice "ok ill fight you. D. go some where and hide, ill deal with him hopefully i can beat him." youkai drew one of his swords and threw the other one to D."here hang on to that its yours now." D. completely confused just put the sword on her back like youkai had it "be careful youkai."D. not sure if she should help him or stay out of his way but decied to stay out of his way because then he would be worry bout her." sure but don't worry i won't die." youkai trying to make D. less worry bout him but though to himself ' heheh damn what did i get myself into, oh well. " hey why don't we take this somewhere else,youkai." the king decided to fight somewhere else then the forest especially since its so close to the castle." have any place in mind maitthias.'' youkai wanted to leave D. out of this but wasn't sure if he such leave.while youkai was trying to figure out what to do the king ran up to youkai and swung his sword. youkai blocked it with ease but the king had so much force in his swing that he send youkai sliding into a tree.D. saw this and was bout to run to him when youkai yelled out "say out of this D." the king saw that youkai wasn't gonna fight all-out with D. around so he called his wolf looking pet to come."youkai follow me but leave that girl here." youkai without thinking he decided to leave D. behind " sorry D. but i won't be able to..." youkai was cut off." i know you go do what you have to youkai."D. put a smile on her face to help ease youkai up.and it work youkai was starting to ease up a bit and had more confident in his self "hey D. ill come back." a long pause went by "i promise." and with that youkai took off after the king for his fight.after a while of running he saw the king standing in a opening out in the middle of no where."lets....go..." youkai out of breath drew his sword and charged at the king.after a series of strikes youkai decided that he couldn't hold back any more." flame cannon" youkai didn't hold back this time but the king easily dodge it." nice try youkai" the king started to laugh when youkai got mad ' ok so i can i beat him when i can't even touch him' youkai wondering how almost forgot that the he was fighting. the king came at youkai but because youkai couldn't move fast enough he was slashed across his chest and was send flying backwards." hmm pathetic you couldn't even touch me and now your dead." the king started to leave when he hear something." do you honestly think that i can die that easy."youkai started to get up and launch a surprise attack at the king."flame wave." youkai because of the surprise attack got to hit the king but because of the kings armor he didn't really get hurt."damn i was hoping that would work." youkai ran toward to try and hurt the king when he saw a giant sword come out of nowhere and youkai tryed to defended himself but it was too late.youkai was struck right in the stomach "uh... what the....where did that....sword come from." youkai started to cough up blood then he collapse on the floor."i dont know what you are but now you are going to die youkai" right before the king was about to deliever the final blow a voice came out from no where."YOUKAI!!!!!."D. jump over youkai and slashed the king in the chest."you little brat." the king angered but D. smack her out the way.when the king looked down youkai wasn't there. the king searched for youkai but couldn't find him"hey im over here." youkai standing right behind the king with D. in his arms but something was different youkai seem to be in some sort of armor but this armor was on fire and youkai right hand was like that of a demon,ever his sword changed forms. "wh...what the hell are you. are you some kind of demon." the king shocked and almost afraid as to what was going on when youkai put D. down.but it seemed as if youkai was unconscience and unaware that he transformed. youkai fired an attacked that sended the king flying far from the area in a giant ball of fire but then he callopse on the floor with D. next to him waking up unaware as to what had just happen.

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