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Chapter 2~Mountains Of Silfvaria - Part 2~Dragon Encounter

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They have been walking for what seemed to be half an hour .The cold air had some mercy on them when it started to become almost bearable as time passed on .But the fog has become so thick they could barely even see what would be right in front of them .To kill the silence clash mutters out" so what’s your name anyway" .The girl looks to the ground to say” I don’t remember”. In that second there was a tremendous gust of wind. It stopped quickly then came again from behind them .It cleared some of the fog around them. It was clear that something was circling them in flight. All they could do is stop in their tracks and look around for the thing that was creating the continuous gusts of wind. Clash saw a dragon creature heading for him. The creature opened his mouth and in that instant the girl and clash took off in flight just in time. The dragon had let out an attack but instead of the fire that was expected it was an icy blast. The girl took an unexpected grip on clash in mid air and closed her eyes. She formed a barrier around them; it was sort of transparent, but still with a blue glow. They both saw the dragon come toward them. The dragon was not planning on stopping; instead he rammed into the barrier, and then flew away. The girl remarks with a smirk on her face "So what’s your name”.” Well all I can remember is my nickname, Clash" .The girl was going to get rid of the barrier when it was attacked by an icy blast. The attack did not stop, it just indulged the barrier in thick ice.” Quickly, expand the barrier" clash said with haste. "Are you sure clash" she asked crossing her arms. "Yes as far as you can, but just enough to not break it”. The girl unfolded her arms fast and the barrier broke the ice around them. It was weakening due to the ram and the expansion.” It would break easily in one or two more blows” The girl explained right before they saw the beast head for them once more.” I need to touch the dragon, if I do I can shift into it” clash said. The dragon was going to try to break it with all its force head on .The girl put her hands out and when the dragon was going to impact with the barrier a hole appeared allowing the dragons head to go inside then she tightened it up so the creatures head was stuck inside. Clash took a step toward the creature as it tried to escape. Clash used the combined strength of the animals on his arms .He took hold of the dragons mouth closing it tight. The last thing he wanted was to be frozen to death .Clash wouldn’t take a chance with such animal. Holding the things mouth shut with only one hand clash used the other to continuously punch the dragon .From the outside he wrapped his massive body around the barrier trying to crush it .After the dragon took several blows to the head he finally succeeded in cracking the barrier .As it broke clash started to turn into what he was just fighting but he only morphed into a half dragon half human looking being.

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