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chapter seven: Apple don't fall far from the tree

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Lardyn says his goodbyes to gaia as she fades away into the light. then him and hayashi is left alone surrounded by large holes in the ground. hayashi looks at lardyn saying " you need to become stronger, so i think we should head to the forest of lavia, thats your first stop ." lardyn hops over one of the holes, then continues to hope over the rest in his path. He then heads northeast twords the forest of lavia. hayashi looks down one of the holes and hears fainted mounning and crying, he then jumps over the hole in lardyns path to follow him. lardyn, while walking with his hands on the back of his head, looks at hayashi as he sprints to catch up, saying " these spirits sound amazing, i can't wait to meet them, and i can't wait even more to become one with them!!" hayashi now cought up with lardyn's pace starts to say " do not act to fast, you have to complete the test to see if you are worthy first" lardyn giggling as he says " ha! how hard can it be? what will i be tested on anyway?" Hayashi looking straight as if he was in a daze or was experiencing a flashback, says " lavia is the bear spirit, he will test you on will power, streanth, and stamina. and sheem is the sealion spirit, she will test you on your element skills, and how you can hold your own against water powers. and bruma is the cat spirit, he test you one your power to hide yourself in the shadows, and he also test you on your speed, and most do not know but if you pass the test good enough he can teach you the element of the shadows. but for that you have to beat him at his own game, and not many pass.... or live... lardyn, silenced by hayashi words, has a look on his face as if he just seen someone died. Hayashi goes on " the last spirit tellia is the bird spirit, he will test you one your fear of flight and the element of wind." lardyn even more eager to meet the spirits got over exsided and punched hayashi in the head. Hayashi jumped back, suprized of lardyn's actions. Lardyn looking more fired up then ever says "hayashi..... i challenge you!!" hayashi looks at lardyn with a strange face expresion, but quickly starts to laugh while saying " you think you can beat me at your state?? you have a long way to go lardyn" Lardyn forming is hand into a sharp pice of wood starts to say " hav you forgoten that i am the heir to the throne of exidon? i am the son of king ranpu, the best king that the elf tribe has ever had!!" Hayashi laughing more then before " that does not mean a thing. i hope you know what your doing, i won't go easy on you" Lardyn with a smirk on his face start to charge at hayashi saying " if you were to go easy on me, this fight would end all to soon!!" Hayashi's fur sticks up from his body and forms into sharp needles that has dark green lequid at the tip. Lardyn tries to stab hayashi with his arm, but hayashi easaly dodges and digs his teeth into lardyn's arm. Lardyn screams in aguny, but quickly turns his arm into a tree trunk. hayashi, not able to get his teeth out of the trunk, is smashed by lardyn's left arm, wich lardyn turned into a tree trunk. Hayashi, not able to move do to his needles because they are stuck inside the tree trunks. Lardyn laughs while saying " so you are stronger then me? ha!! look at you now!! i thought you would be more of a challenge, but i see i was wrong. Hayashi looks up at lardyn and talks in a soft voice saying "you are stronger then i thought lardyn... but you are no were near defeating me" lardyn laughs and says " your not in the position to be saing things like that" hayashi smiles and says " neither are you" lardyn looks at hayashi with a confused expresion on his face. soon after his words, hayashi closes his eyes and his spikes turns back into fur, then he slips out of the two tree trunks and tackles lardyn to the ground. lardyn frighened by what just happened could not move. hayashi's teeth were at the throught of lardyn and he could have easily killed him. hayshi looks at lardyn in the eyes and says " if i were bruma the cat spirit, you would be dead. taunting your enimy is never a good idea, thats why evil never wins, because their taunting all the time, when that talk and tell there enemy their whole plan, their enemy is thinking of a way to turn the fight around, and they always do". lardyn got up and dusted his clothes off. hayashi started heading to the forest of lavia, lardyn followed him with his head down and silent.

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