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chapter eight: lavia

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1 chapter eight: lavia on Sun Mar 16, 2008 1:31 pm


Lardyn and hayshi enters the shrine in the middle of lavia forest and hears a strong voice comming from above
" you must be Lardyn, the son of gaia. I have expected you for some time" lardyn sees a form of a bear come out of the shrine. Lardyn moves closer and says " are you the spirit of lavia? if you are, then i hope to learn all that you can teach me in the way of the bear". Lardyn bows before the spirit, the spirit comes closer to lardyn, getting larger every step saying " you will have to defeat me if you want to have my powers, that is the way of the bear"
Lardyn gets up and says " i was hoping you would say something like that" Lardyn starts to form him arm into a stake, when the spirit mouth opens wide and breaths out a green fog breath that turns lardyn's arm back to normal.
Lardyn yells " What happened!!?? my powers!!" lardyn tried to use his powers but they would not work. Lavia stands on his two back feet and shouts " you have to defeat me with your inner power, not your element powers!!"
The bear charges at Lardyn with his mouth wide open, and his teeth pointing at lardyn. Lardyn rolls to the left, but the bear give him a right hook and sends him flying into a tree. Lardyn spits out blood from his mouth and shouts in agony. The bear charges at lardyn and swings his claws. Lardyn in fear, feels tears roll down his face. the bear charges at lardyn, but is sent flying by a large fireball. Lardyn confused of what just happened runs behind a tree. A man jumps twords the bear, but is sent flying by the green fog breath that took lardyn's powers away. When the fog cleared, lardyn noticed that the man was Kaji. Kaji gets up and points his finger at the bear, but nothing happened. Kaji had a confused look on his face, but then a quick expression of fear covered when he saw the bear charging at him shouting " you have interfeared in a matter that is inportent to this very world!!!! now you will suffer!!" Kaji gets slashed in the face by the claws of the bear and gets sent flying. A emrold sword in a seethrew scabbord, is sent flying to lardyn and almost hits him in the face. but he ducks, and the sword barley passes his head. the sword was glowing green he did not notice the glow of the sword while it was on Kaji, but as Lardyn got closer, the glow got brighter. Lardyn picked up the sword and the handle turned into wood. Lardyn tried to drop the sword, but it seemed to have rooted in the palm of his hand. the rest of the sword turned into wood, and it grew longer and longer the more lardyn thought of it getting away from him. he soon realized that the sword had the same powers he had, its just needed a mind to control it, Lardyn desided to use the sword. then without knowing, He withdraws his sword inside his hand. A smirk apears on lardyn's face and he charges at the bear fighting Kaji. The bear hits Kaji into a tree, then the bear gets hit by a 10 ft. wooden sword and was sent flying in the air.

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