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the trials -9

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1 the trials -9 on Mon Mar 17, 2008 4:20 pm


Flame Demon
Crying on the floor due to what happen to youkai D. didn't care if she died or not."lets get out of here D."neg picking up D. Forceing her to come to her senses fell short when D. push him away"leave me alone neg.
Please just leave me alone." "So your just going to throw your life away. That means youkai gave his life for nothing." Neg walking away decided to just leave her there like she said and save himself instead
because she wasn't worth the breathe. " so this is it isn't D, neg." A voice came out from the bushes that neg knew all too well." Gramps what are you doing here." neg race to met his grand father but stoped when
he saw D. standing right next to negs grand father " D. take this stone.In this stone is three trials,after completeing these trial will youkai come back to life but you must complete each and every trial. You must also pass every trial or else youkai won't be able to return. Come with me to my workshop and I shall return you home." Negs grandfather stared to walk away when neg stoped him." How can youkai come back with that
stone. How can you send D. back home,what is going on gramps." Walking with him his grandfather thought of how to tell his grandson that he was a powerful mage when he was younger. And that as he got older he perfect
a teleporting techinque. "Ill fill you in as soon as we reach my workshop." And with that D,neg, and negs grandfather headed out to the work shop.Meanwhile youkai was waking up to find himself surronded by saints."Welcome youkai we are the saints of heaven. And its time to purify your soul, we are going to purify your demonic soul into an angelic soul.Are you ready?" youkai not sure as what to do or say just nodded his head
yes as the purifying process started to begin.Back at the workshop D. Noticed that the old man was writing something in ground. But she didn't ask as long as youkai was brought back she didn't care what happen." As so as the portal opens active the stone by putting your energy into it ok D." D. just nodded her head and got
ready to act. The old man had explain when he was younger that he was taken in by a powerful mage. And that he disappear when maitthias attacked and killed his son. He tought that neg was dead too when he ran into him
after the explosion. The old man chanted something,then a flash of light flashed throught the room and a portal open up.D. jumped in and active the stone.The process that was to purify youkai was only at 20% but youkai felt
as if he was loseing who he was but he couldn't move, he was trap in a field of light that pervent anyone who wasn't a saint from moving within it." Youkai when we are done purifying your soul you will lose all of
your old destrutive powers and gain new powers, and you demonic form will turn into an angelic form. This form is much more powerful then the old form that you have now."the saints contiue to purify youkai.meanwhile D. wondering where she was when something called out" you have enter the camber of trials. In the camber of trials you with have to go through three challages before your wish can be granted." D.wanting to bring youkai back so much accepted the the trials but she wasn't sure how to."the first task is to obtain the sword of truth."The voice getting lower as time went by so D. Had to complete her task quickly" where can I get the sword of truth." D. as trying to get it over with and trying to figure out how can this voice bring youkai back." You can find the sword on top of this mountain." Just then a huge mountain appear. D. Thinking that it was going to be easy when a gaint like monster appeared out of no where." Damn why can't things ever be easy." D. Thinking to her self 'man I'm starting to sound like youkai.huh I must really miss him more then I think.' Forgetting that
she had a task to do."D. You have a task to complete and not only doyou have to get the sword you have to defeat this creature in under 5 minutes. The tasks begins now." D. Rushed up to the monster as if to attack but instead ran past him and headed for the sword because for some reason the swords combine to one and she couldn't wield it anymore. After some time she reach the sword but lost nearly 3 minutes running up the trail to reach the sword." Ahhhhhh.....damn it ...the sword won't come out."D. nearly out of breath turned back around and saw that the monster was right behind her and was about to attack her when youkai's stilled swords make some sort of barrier which gave D. the strenght she needed to pull out the sword from the ground but confused as what happen. First the swords that youkai had lid up then the giant disappear when the sword of truth was pulled up from the ground." Congrants D.you past the first task." "Wait how did I past the first trial." D. now
really confused wanted some answers. " well the sword was called the sword of truth because you wasn't sure if you had what it took to complete the task when you touch the sword it let you know the truth."
D. thinking to herself 'I should of known.' " But the swords on your back have been glow as if they are sending a signal to someone,someone important to you. But lets move on to task two."
While D. Went on to task two youkai had some doubt of his own" youkai this angelic form is the complete oppisite of your demonic form so activeing it is the same way. We are gonna to implant the information
needed so you can master your new power and not lose control of it." Youkai trying to free himself but falied at every attemp,so he started to lose hope when he started to gain strengt " D. I can feel you."
Youkai sending the energy he felt back to D. But when he did this he felt as if he was dying again.
D. completely finishing the second task started to feel tired from it." Now last but not less your third task. Here you must defeat me but first you must defeat yourself first." D. not sure what that meant but because
of the last task she learned how to use the swords powers but instead of using the sword of truth she drew youkai's swords." Well then lets get started." D. becomeing more like youkai at each passing moment after his
death started to attack the shadow figure standing in front of her. But when she got in direct contact the figure started to show and it turned out to be herself." Wh.....what is this." D. couldn't more as if she was
too scared to move. "Well this is unexpected. But no matter lets begin." The shadow D. and D. herself collied and after a series of blows D. drop to one leg when she admited that she couldn't fight anymore."please can you bring youkai back. I don't care if I die,but please bring him back. I give up." D. dropping the swords when the shadow figure disappear"you have complete the third and final task." " what are you talking about." D. no really sure what was going on,and before she got to ask that voice started talking again." The task was not to win but to merely learn when to give up. Some battles cannot be won by power but by learning to admit
defeat will you truely win." The shadow started to disappear and with a flash of light D. Ended up near a small village, and not just any village it was the same village were she was trying to escape from.
Back at the gates of heaven where youkai was being purifly the process was nearly complete but youkai now realizing that he didn't belong in heaven nor did he belong in hell,and that he belong with D. he started
to struggle yet again but this time he had regain his hope. But before youkai was able to do anything he saw that his body started to disappear little by little" what is this. How are you doing that." Youkai not sure
what was happening, started to regain his old powers back but something was different this time he felt stronger and more powerful then ever before. He also noticed that he had more then just that extra power that
he was never able to use before, he felt as if he keep his old powers but gain the new powers the saints was giving him.And with a flash of light youkai was brough back, but not just anywhere he was brough back right in front of D. but he noticed that she was holding two different swords but he didn't care at the moment he just
wanted to give D. a hug." Hey what's up D." Youkais small remark made D. snap back into reality and she instantly ran towards youkai but instead of just running into the person that she trusts and cares for the most
she jumped into his arms. After a moments of silents bewteen the two they heard what sounded to be an anger mob.

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