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the unfinished battle (youkai vs. shadow creature.)-10

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Flame Demon
The sound of the mob started to grow louder with each passing second. Not wanting to get into problems both D. and youkai ran behind a tree." Hey what's with the two different swords." Youkai getting ready just
incase they were spoted " well this big sword that I have in my hands is your,some how they fused together and when you." Pauseing for a moment" died I couldn't use it anymore, and this sword on my back is the sword of truth." D. explained everything to youkai." So that's how I was brought back,thanks D." Youkai then walked over to D. and took back his sword. As soon as he touched the sword it changed size and also it
became longer than before. Not paying any mind youkai wanting to test out the new powers ran forward but was stoped in his tracks when D. sat down in a ball like position." What's wrong D." Youkai starting to get
worry decided not to fight just yet. " remember when you ask me what
happen, why was I scared."not looking up at youkai " yeah so what does that have to do with them."youkai now sitting down next to her " well they are the ones that hurt me. They also gave me up to that thing that attack you when we met." D. afraid of what youkai might do when she saw him stand up, grab his arm." Don't worry bout it I won't do anything unless they try to hurt you D." Youkai put his sword away and then
headed out toward the village where the anger mob came from. " please
can we just skip this town. Please youkai." D. started to cry because she didn't want to go back, back to the place that treated her like garbage. " Don't worry D. You can wait out on the other side while I
look for some clues on what I'm looking for." Youkai about to enter the village when he noticed that the sword on D's back started to glow, and instanstly her eyes lid up and she was shown what really should of
happen.D. Not wanting to tell youkai what she saw waited for youkai to
say something but he didn't instead he just pick up the sword and took a look at it. Still not saying anything gave back the sword and marched to the village. "D. lets go and don't worry no one can hurt you now."
Youkai confident that he can defend D. and also confident that she can defend herself if she got over her fear, kept walking without turning around. D. follow him but slowly making youkai push her so she can keep up. When he enter the village it looked deserted but not care youkai started to search but nothing he couldn't find what he was looking for. Just then someone started saying things and made youkai mad but instead of yelling at the guy or killing him, he just kept on walking. They started to leave when youkai's sense started to go crazy but instead of
waiting to find out he started to run"D. lets get out of her. Now!!!!!!!." Youkai bolting pass a few people. D. Trying to keep up with him couldn't so she yelled out " wait up." Youkai hearing this drew his sword and got ready as if he was about to get into a major battle."ummm. Hey youkai its just me your friend D." D. starting to get nervse backed up abit" hey D. there's something here." But before youkai was allowed to put his sword away the same creature that attacked him before came back but youkai was ready for him. " its ti..." getting cut off when
the creature stop and noticeing that D. wasn't around." Damn it, what now."Youkai put his swords away then sat down and begain to think.'well he just standing there so maybe thats where D. is at.' youkai getting up drew his sword and got ready to attack when he noticed that everyone was starting to gather around him and the creature but he didn't care he just wanted to get back that creature for attacking him a few days ago.youkai ran towards the creature and slash at him but the creature just jump as if it already knew what youkai was planning. so youkai launched the flame wave but when he did use it he was send flying backwards due to the force it."damn my back. how much power did they give me.'' youkai confused didnt noticed that the creature some how dodge the attack but was still burn cause of the intense heat from the flame. when youkai got up he saw that the creature rushing to attack him, he lifted up his hands and saw that he didnt have his sword. he waited for the attack and then dodge it doing a series of half backflip landed on his sword." wow how good is this thing" youkai now getting mad decided to use something that he was told to never use." dragon fire." youkai created a dragon made up of fire and launch it at the creature. an explosion happen and the creature was no where to be found.'' ha i won.'' youkai glad that he didnt have to fight it again when the villagers came up to him thanking him for defeating the creature. the villagers explain to youkai about everything that has been happen to them and where they can find his friend."thank you.'' and with that youkai setted off to find D.

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