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Chapter nine: Rinseitou

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1 Chapter nine: Rinseitou on Wed Mar 19, 2008 4:47 pm


Lardyn uses his sword again and extense it at the bear. the bear slashes the extended wooden sword in half and pieces of wood flew everyware, but it quickly grew back into its sword-like form. the bear stared at Lardyn and smiled. he then deformed back into a green fog and disapeared. Lardyn confused, withdrew his sword back into his left hand. then a loud voice came from above and said "you have passed the test. you have defeated me without your element powers, but with the powers from within. the sword you have was the sword of your mother, she made it as a part of her, but it was then stolen by king maitthias. your mother called it Rinseitou ( Rinseitou: nature sword ). Lardyn feels a cold breeze and begins to shiver, he then feels hot. Not knowing what was going on with his body, begins to scream. A sharp pain strikes him in his heart, then he feels his body transforming. He feels at if fur was covering his hole body, and his hands seem to have gotten bigger, and tougher. He then feels his teeth grow inside his mouth. Soon enough his screaming turned into a loud roar. Lardyn, looking at the ground and seeing drool come out of his mouth, looks up at Hayashi and sees that he is the same hight. Lardyn looks at his hands and sees them as paws. he then says " im... im a bear... a talking bear... this is awsome!!!" Lardyn roars loudly in joy. Kaji, walks closely and says " Lardyn is that you?" Lardyn snaps at kaji, cousing him to stumble and fall. Lardyn roars then says " you betrayed us!!! i can never trust you again!!" Kaji gets up slowly, with his arm out to lardyn as a sigh of peace " i was stupid, i know. i thought that my rank was everything.... but i wonna hlep you lardyn... i want to help you defeat maitthias and leo." Lardyn stares at kaji with the eyes of the bear to test his fear, but kaji did not budge. Lardyn gave up and turned to normal and gives kaji hand shake. Hayashi still stares at kaji as if he still dident trust him, but is quickly distracted by a voice saying " once a traitor, always a traitor hey Kaji?"

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