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Chapter 2~Mountains of Silfvaria - Part 3~Village

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Now that he has gotten what he needed Clash charged at the dragon with full force. Grabbing the creatures neck his hand barely reaching halfway around it. But it was enough to hold it in place as he starts to put all his power into one punch. The dragon takes in air for an other attack and Clash punches it. As the creatures head is rapidly forced to the side due to the devasting hit a small blast is emitted. The Dragon cries out with a loud screech. Clash can understand that it just cried out of help. Then they heard more screeches getting louder and louder. "Oh, no there's others," Clash said loudly for the girl to hear. "How many?" the girl asked. "A whole flock, and their adults!" Clash replied. He let the dragon go and it flew away to the direction of the screeches. Clash just started to realize that the fog did not affect his vision. "Follow me!" Clash said. They fly for a few minutes and when the fog starts to clear they see civilization.Soaring over the small half abandoned village they smell food which makes their mouths water and stomachs growl. They landed in front of a small store with drapes for doors. They following the smell into the store, Clash forgot that he was morphed walked in the store in half dragon form. Everyone froze at the sight of Clash. Silence filled the air for a few seconds that felt like minutes until someone finally screams outloud, "Dragon!" Then the whole store is filled with terror as the people flee out of the store through the back door. All except for one person in a dark cloak covering his face still eating his food. "Nice one. Now we can get free food!" she said, with a smile on her face. "Hey! It was an accident," clash said.

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