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story 1 how it all started

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1 story 1 how it all started on Fri Mar 21, 2008 8:42 am


Soul Reaper
Soul Reaper
walking up hearing an exploding Diaga curious as to where it was coming from,marched off toward the noise. upon entering a cause he notice that a tree was knocked down behind him instantly turned around and saw two men stand right by the tree.The two men raised their hands as if they were chanted something.But not knowing this Diaga started walking up to them, "Hey did you guys knock down this tree ."Diaga waited for an answer but noting.he walked even closer and was about to spank again when lighting or sparks started coming out of one of the hands he was doing it on the grounds while rocks started coming out around the other wondering why and what is going on he yelled out ones more but this time it was louder then the other one. "Hey , what are you guys doing but both man couldn't hear him nor did they know that he was there and due to their chanting the attacks felt getting stronger now both man just laughed their attacks while jumping back simultaneously the colling of the explosion cause Diaga flying into the cave that he went into right be for the tree fell. Getting up slowly Diaga slowly but surely just start to realize that both of the man were manges and so they were fighting with each other. Not wanting to get involved but really wanted to stop the fight Diaga was thinking to himself on how can he stop them without getting hunt, couldn't think of anything getting really mad that he was powerless to do something Diaga tryed to man a plan on how can he stop the manges who just want to kill each other to pieces and both have very strong magic, while he have noting no magic,no weapons ans no powers was so ever .While he plan really hard how to stop the two very powerful manges their was still fighting destroying everything and anything in their way. Realize that one of the manges were getting very tired so he figure that they will just stop fighting but no but he was so wrong .They kept at it not ine of them slowed down (not done yet)

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