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chapter elevin: the end of the leader

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1 chapter elevin: the end of the leader on Sat Mar 22, 2008 7:43 pm


Leo tries to stab maitthias, but he is sent flying into a tree by a large blue wolf. the wolf rips the roots off of maitthias with its teeth, freeing him. he walks to leo and picks him up by his neck and says " you dare betray me!!" he then looks at the sword, takes it an says " and you steal from me!!" he throws th sword behind him and tightens his grip around leo's neck. he then says " i trusted you... i made you my right hand man... then you do this!!!" maitthias throws leo to the ground, then draws his sword. he puts it at leo's throut and says " you will deal with the cons of your actions!!" then a large monster that seems to look like a fire damon comes from the ground and sends maitthias into a tree. then the blue wolf rams the monster, and sinks his teeth into its body. the wolf and monster extchange blows until the monster melts. Lardyn, confused looks at leo to see his head cut of and maitthias's sword were leo's head should be. lardyn, almost not able to believe his own eyes, is swooped of the ground by hayashi and they run away. Kaji grabs the ruby sword and the sword burns him, he tries to drop the sword, but it burst into flames instead of droping. Kaji wished for the sword to go away because of what happened to leo, and it did. Kaji, with no time to figure out what just happened, runs in the path that hayashi ran with lardyn. Maitthias withdraws his sword and turns around to see lardyn, hayashi, and kaji gone along with his sword. Maitthias lets out a loud roar and says " LARDYYYYNNN!!!! YOU WILL OBAY MEEEEE!!!".
As lardyn rides the back of hayashi he hears a faint roar and words " Lardyyyynnn... you will obay meeeee..." Lardyn looks behind him to see Kaji trying to keep up but running, jumping, and hoping off trees. Lardyn then draws his sword and turns it into a bow, he then shoots a wooden arrow at kaji. kaji dodges it, landing on a tree branch and hopping off of it to gain balance. he then yells " i have left the side of evil!!! (gasp) i wan't to become your ally!!!" Lardyn then shoots four more arrows at kaji. Kaji hops, jumps, and throws a fireball to dodge the four arrows. but then is hit by a rapid wave of needles sent by hayashi.

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