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Chapter twelve: sheem

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1 Chapter twelve: sheem on Sun Mar 23, 2008 7:28 am


Lardyn was looking into the sky, laying on hayashi's back as he walks threw the forest. Lardyn thought about what Kaji had said. going one about turnning a new leaf, not being evil enymore, and wanting to be freinds. Lardyn thought that he needed all the help he can get to defeat maitthias. then hayashi stoped. Lardyn put his head up and said " why did we stop? got tired?" Hayashi stands on his two back legs, cousing lardyn to fall off his back and fall on his face. Hayashi then says " were here, the forest of sheem" Lardyn gets up and lookst into the forest to see a huge lake instead of trees. Lardyn then says " this is not a forest, this is a lake!!" Hayashi says " the spirit's element is water, what did you exspect?" Lardyn then walks closer to the lake and hears a voice saying " welcome son of gaia, i am sheem the sealion spirit" the voice sounded feminine and soft. Lardyn says " hello shemm, im lardyn and i would like to take the test, if its alright with you that is" Lardyn sees in the distence, a lump in the water, it got larger as it got closer. then at the edge of the lake, the sealion burst out of the water, splashing it on lardyn. The sealion then waves its tail and a large title wave falls on lardyn and grabs him into the water. Lardyn tries to use his powers, but like the bear, it did not work. Lardyn then tries to swim to the surface, but is grabed by the sealion, and the sealion says " you must feel the water, be one with the water, you must find a way to overcome the water. Lardyn unable to breath tries to woggle out of the sealion's grasp, but he could not . he tries to draw his sword, but he could not concentrate to sommon it, seing that he can't breath. Lardyn then closes his eyes, feeling himself drown.... then he hears his mothers words " the sealion will test you on your ability to resist the element of water..." the words ecoed in his head " resist..... water..... resist.... ability....." lardyn eyes then opens, but now his eyes is glowing green. he then screams so loud that the birds fly out of the area in fear. the sealion begins to lose grip on lardyn. Lardyn yells louder and the trees, grass, and flowers around the lake glows brighter, and they start to grow. then lardyn's whole body turns green, the sealion lets go and tries to swim away. but Lardyn then lets out a large range blast of green energy, sending all of the water in the lake and the sealion, into the air and into the forest surrounding the lake. Lardyn, one the dry ground were the lake should be, is gasping for air. the sealion disapears into a blue glowing fog. Lardyn then hears a voice say " you have passed the test. you have resisted the element of water using the power within and not your element power. Lardyn feels his body getting cold and says " not this again!!!" he then sees his fingers become webed tagether. his skin then turns a sky blue color. then he sees his legs come tagether and form into a fin. he grows wiskers and starts gasping for air. Lardyn not knowing why he can't breath, is tackled into a puddle nearby face first. he then starts to breath, realizing that in this form he can only breath under water. lardyn then turns to his normal form and says " i don't think i will be using him for a while.." Hayashi then yells " how ungreatful!! do you know how many elfs would kill to be in your shoes!!?? you have a great oprotunity with any spirit you have, you need to charish every moment!!" Lardyn, feeling as small at ever, sees Kaji behind Hayashi and draws his sword.

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