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an unexpected encounter-11

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1 an unexpected encounter-11 on Mon Mar 24, 2008 5:32 pm


Flame Demon
setting off wondering to himself how did he ever get himself so side track from his mission and also how did he lose his friend D. when he tripped on a rock and in doing so he saw a figure fighting in the distance. not wanting to get side track from his mission which was to save D. just kept walking when he heard an explosion in the distance, turned around and saw a man walking away from the smoke and was heading his direction. youkai curious as to who the man was waited but when the man came close to him youkai noticed that the man wasn't human nor a demon. instead the man seem to be some sort of spirit."my name is youkai. whats your." waiting for an answer but keeping his distance making sure that the man wasn't going to try anything when he tripped again on another rock. the man caught youkai " you seem to have also experience death. by the way my name is akane." youkai shocked as how akane knew that started to draw his sword " how is it that you know that. and who excatly are you." akane started to walk when youkai put his sword in front of him and told him to explain himself if he wanted to live.akane started to laugh and then he also took out his sword but when he did it happen too fast and both youkai and akane were at blade point so they both jumped back." iam one of the five warriors who was brought back from the dead.i am their leader." when youkai and akane was about to collide blades again they felt a powerful force which seem to be familiar to youkai but he didn't care he just wanted to end the fight quick but knew he couldn't" we are not enemys youkai and besides you don't seem to be in full control of your body yet." akane putting away his sword started to walk towards youkai. youkai trying to atacked but realized that akane was right due to his death he didn't have full control of his actions yet and is the reason why he keeps triping all over the place." when you died you came back too fast and your body is still too weak, and in your current state if you fight me you will most likely die." youkai put away his sword " so how did you die." youkai sitting down on the floor forget yet again of his mission." well we all died due to a long and fierce battle." akane started to head towards the tower when youkai remember his mission." if your heading to that tower then why don't we go together." youkai getting up when both him and akane saw something moved. both about to draw their swords when youkai recognized who it was." fang i can't believe that your still alive." youkai ran towards the giant wolf." so you know that thing." akane following youkai when fang jumped on top of youkai and tryed to bite his face off." youkai!!!!." akane drawing his sword was smacked to the ground by the large wolf." fang snap out of it.don't you remember me at all." fang jumped off youkai remember him by scent " iam sorry master." fang lowering his head when youkai picked up akane then headed towards him." why are you still calling me master. didn;t i tell you to call me youkai." akane not sure who youkai was talking to when the powerful force they had felt early was even stronger now." we have to hurry."

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