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Chapter fourteen: Kamisuki and her cause

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1 Chapter fourteen: Kamisuki and her cause on Tue Mar 25, 2008 8:23 pm


Kamisuki, kaji, lardyn, and hayashi all entered the shrine and sat in a circle, eating fruits that was there as if it was prepared for someone. After everyone finished eating Lardyn asked Kamisuki were she came from. She closed her eyes for a moment. then opened them and said " i came from a land far beyond your countries waters.... there is a far bigger world then exidon.... your king is the most evil person in all of our world.... i come from a city called darnassus. Its the city of my kind, night elfs. Lardyn asked "so why are you here?" Suki awnsered "i am in search of my fathers sword... and my father's, freind's, son. you see... a few years back, Maitthias was in my home town, hunting for a sertin item, the mizutou ( mizutou: water sword). Its my fathers sword.. he took it and killed my father... The room was silent for a moment, then suki continued "my father's friend said that he lives here... he is king... he stole the throne from my father's friend, and sent him to our city. but he realy just sent him on a bout to die out at sea. Hayashi interupted " what was your father's, friend name!!??" she replied "ranpu, do you know him?" Lardyn got up, with his fist tight, and said "that's my.... father..." the room fell silent again. suki then said "you do realize you are sapose to be king right?" Lardyn said " im working on becoming stronger to defeat maitthias." the girl said " i heard that the fire guild was like king maitthias little boot-lickers, so i joined them so i can try and steal my fathers sword. Hayashi, confused said "but you have water powers, if im not mistaken, you blew lardyn into a tree with some powerful water strike." suki said " i diden't show them my powers, just my athletic abilities. Lardyn, confused said "so why did you save kaji if you are just here for the sword? Suki said "well... me and kaji have developed a close relationship sins I have been in the fire guild." Kaji, blushing like never before. Lardyn laughed and said "wow kaji, your cheeks are almost as red as your fireballs." Kaji then tackled lardyn to the ground, and they roll one the floor. Kaji, punching lardyn, but lardyn dident punch back, he just kept laughing. Hayashi moves closer to suki and says "so you wonna get your fathers sword huh? I might know were it is." Suki eyes opened wide and she said "really!!! You would help me get my fathers sword back!!??" hayashi smiled and said "sure." Hayashi eyes then open wide when he sees Kaji running for his life, and Lardyn in bear form chasing after him."

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