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Flame Demon
Now rushing because of the powerful force they felt wondering what kind of challages lie ahead" youkai,you and akane are slow hop on my back,now." Fang starting to pick up speed when youkai and akane hopped on his back.hopeing to get to D. before something happens to her youkai didn't noticed that there was someone following them.fang picking up even more speed headed for the tower but the tower looked as if it was abaden for a long time youkai,akane, and fang now thinking why choose a place like this when they stoped " why did we stop fang." akane curious now." well we have to go across a bridge but we will have to go one at a time in order to leave the bridge intact." youkai jumped off and started to walk first followed by akane. when they got across fang smelled something but didn't bother with it and just cross the bridge." now how do you suppose we open this door." youkai getting ready to strike the door when it open. "well looks like they was expecting us. how nice." with a sarcastic tone of voice they walked in. the only thing in youkai's head was ' i'm gonna kill the bastard if he hurt her' when yet again they felt a powerful force but this time there was two forces not one." what is going on. first one now two." not sure if he can save D. now turned to akane " don't worry youkai i will help you but i want you to help me when we are done here. i want you to help me find my freinds." akane saying while having his hand out, having no other choice but to stray past his mission youkai accepted the deal and shaked akanes hand." youkai didn't one of those forces feel like kaitos power." fang unaware of what happen to youkai years after they were forced apart." I don't know, because my brother died years after we got seperated and also my father died as well." fang shocked as to what he just heard didn't bother to ask how just yet instead the group kept walking through the tower shocked as to why they haven't encounter anyone just yet. youkai letting down his guard, while fang and akane kept theirs up." youkai you shouldn't be so careless. you nev..." akane was cut off by a noise they heard. " well well what do we have here. i knew one would be here, i didn't know three would be here." a mysterious voice came out of no where causeing the group to stop in their tracks. " im sorry my name is rai." standing next to an opening rai had a sword that looked as if it could cut through anything. the blade itself was huge just like rai but for some reason rai didn't seem all that much.

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