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youkai vs rai pt1- 13

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1 youkai vs rai pt1- 13 on Thu Mar 27, 2008 1:52 pm


Flame Demon
"guys this guy is mines. akane, fang go find D." " ok lucky for us some of her scent was still on you." fang and akane ran off while youkai stood behind." well looks like you'll be the first to die." rai picking up the sword. youkai thinking how in the world can this guy pick up that huge sword forgetting for a moment where he was at." i'm not gonna die today." youkai drew his sword an ran forward while rai decided to run forward at the sametime. when they got to the middle they striked at eachother causeing the hole tower to shake. youkai trying to keep his sword from being send to the side ducked and let the sword fly to the side." i have you now rai." youkai getting ready to strike when rai kicked him sending him flying. while getting up youkai saw his sword right next to him. picked it up at started to wonder how strong the guy was. " so you manage to get up." rai chargeing at youkai " well that kick of yours wasn't all that great." youkai blocked the attack but rai didn't stop running and just rammed youkai into the wall." did you honestly think that you could defeat me." " uh.... damn it..... flame wave." causeing an explosion youkai was set free but he had a hard time getting back up. while rai just shook his head and started laughing but he stop when he saw youkai getting back up. now youkai trying to cause some damange launch a stream of flame cannons at rai but rai just kept dodgeing them so youkai just stop. looking around the area he noticed that there was a cage and both fang and akane was trying to open it while D. just stared at the fight. getting tired from all the fire attacks and not wanting to get anymore tired, youkai decided to just fight sword for sword. rai just waited for his oppenent to attack got tired of waiting so instead he just ran up to youkai and just jumped up in the air. youkai using his flaming stirke collilde up with rai causeing another explosion.

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