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Chapter 1~ The Escape - Part 0~The True Beginning

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Unknown voice 1:Sir we have a test subject we found it in the northern mountain's and he seems to be of a very rare species.

Unknown Man:Is he checked to be a proper subject.

Unknown voice 1:Yes.
Hes an average of his kind and healthy.

Unknown Man:I see,run some test and keep him medicated.

Unknown voice 1:Yes sir.

Unknown Man:We've found another one of our puppets.

Unknown voice 3:Sir your father is calling for you it seems its a family meeting.

Unknown Man:Its hard being the heir to the family tittle.Continue subject testing and await my orders when done.

The Unknown Man made haste and removed his lab coat and left the underground lab to the family room to where he became Legna Luegim Alair.
(They hollowed a mountain for the lab)

Legna:How is the experiment doing Joseph?

Joseph:Well so far it has the first dose of the formula.Not many changes have ocured.

Legna:Then can we move on to the next step.

Joseph:As you wish sir.

Legnas:How much chance that he will survive the radioactivity.

Joseph:Well this species DNA is extremely adaptive.Although it will not kill him it will barely affect him.It will take long to mutate this species.

Legnas:I want him mutated at a faster pace,is this possible.

Joseph:Yes but by only exposing him to more radioactivity.
But you should know that his powers will be un........

Legans:stable..Yes I know.............

Joseph:At least this special species self stabilizes itself through experience but not in suspended animation.

Legnas:Do not talk to me like I don't know what I am doing Joseph.

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