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youai vs rai pt 2- 14

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1 youai vs rai pt 2- 14 on Tue Apr 01, 2008 1:01 pm


Flame Demon
when the smoke finish clearly youkai was lying on the floor while rai was standing over him bleeding from the wound in his shoulder. trying to get up but was unable to, punch the floor in pain." damn it. don't tell me im going to die again." this time trying one more time youkai was able to get up but it was too late rai already had his hand up in the air to strike him down when fang jumped in and launch a fire ball towards rai causeing rai to drop his sword and step back abit. " what are you doing, your suppose to get D." yelled so fang can hear him " shut up. your so angry that you can't even fight straight." fang now helping youkai stand straight so he can talk face to face." sorry fang." "its ok youkai." now that youkai recover some of his strenght picked up his sword and got ready to fight again." remember youkai since you still haven't master your powers if you force yourself too much you could die from the stress." forgetting about that stopped where he was and truned back to fang." can you help me defeat him, seeing how i can't beat him on my own." patting fang on his head then turning around to finish the fight against rai. " i am your friend and parnther youkai. so of course i will help you." fang now standing next to youkai ready to fight." here we go, flame wave." rai just laughing at youkai's attempt " launching an attack that failed to do anything to me last time how pathic of you." opening his arms to take the strike head on. but this time it was different, this time the attack actually did do damage to rai making him drop down to one knee " do you know how to perform the tecnique 'tri fire strike' youkai." fang looking at youkai waited for an answer." yea i know about it but i never really performed it before." hopping on fangs back, youkai started to charge up two fire balls from his hands while fang charged a fire ball from his mouth. " ready fang." while both of them charged up their attacks fangs fur started to transform. but it stopped when they fired the attack at rai. Rai wondering how he would counter the attack he noticed his sword on the floor behind him and picked it up. But something was different, in stead of defending from the attack rai just ran towards the approaching attack, also his sword just starting to glow while an incridable force can be felt from it. yet another explosion was cause.

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