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Chapter sixteen: Mizutou

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1 Chapter sixteen: Mizutou on Wed Apr 02, 2008 3:51 pm


Lardyn and his friends progressed threw the castle with flying colors, due to suki and her athletic abilities and her abilities in the stealth class. she took care of any gaurds that were in there way. they soon reached maitthias's trophy room and soon began to see items that they never new about, things that must be priceless, things that fritened them as well. like the head of a dragon, and a poster of a large man sitting in a chair. on the bottom of the poster it said " your lord and savior, Legnios" nobody knew who legnios was, but they guest thay he was strong, sins maitthias wrote on the lower bottom of the poster " i will serve legnios with uncontrolible loyalty and faith"
They continued there search for the sword, but there eyes still looking back at the poster, wondering what he might be like if maitthias served him. then one of the walls opened behind them all when hayashi pressed a button. they then seen seven casses with the print of swords, and they all were different colors. one was green, the other was red, then blue, then purple, then sky blue, then white, then black. they opened the green case, but it was empty. they checked the red one, but that was also empty. then they opened the blue one and a sword was there. suki pulled a picture out of her bra, then soon yelled " this is it!!! this is my father's sword!!" The picture was a photo of suki's father holding his sword in his hand. she grabed the sword and it let out a blast of energy that gave everyone in the room the chills. the sword soon turned into liquid in suki's hands, she tried to drop it but the liguid just hit the floor and came back up to her hands. the liquid formed around her hand and her fourarm. she pointed her arm at the wall across the room and the liquid shot across the room and grabed one of maitthias's items off the shelf. hayashi then says " that weapon is the weapon you were destined to have. it is your soul weapon just like that sword is lardyn's soul weapon." Kaji then points his hand into the air and a sword shaped flame bursed from the palm of his hand. they soon realized that all three of them had there soul weapon and that all these weapons belong to somebody. they then opened all the cases and saw a sword in the black case and the sky blue case. the rest of the cases were empty, but they wondered were the purple and white sword was. then they hear a horn sound threwout the castle. they all guest that one of the guards had woken up, or there bodies were discovered. lardyn and the others headed of the door but waves of guards entered the room and surrounded them.

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