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Chapter seventeen: battle royal

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1 Chapter seventeen: battle royal on Wed Apr 02, 2008 8:13 pm


Lardyn, kaji, suki, and hayashi all stand in the middle of countless guards. one of the guards pulls vines from the side of his belt and tries to arrest kaji. but kaji hits him with a fireball. all the guards draws there swords and charges to the center of the room. Suki yelled for everyone to jump, and she drew her sword, wich turned in a liquid armor. she then burst and water flooded the room. suki fainted at the bottom of the room and hayashi and kaji was floting around helplessly. but then lardyn turned into his sealion form and grabed kaji, suki, and hayashi. he then swimed and turned into a bear, raming the locked door. water burst out of the room, but lardyn acted fast. he turned to normal and blocked the door way with a tree, locking all of the guards inside. Lardyn and his freinds got up and sees even more guards then before. he then shoots two trees at all the guards. Kaji then shoots two big fire balls at them. but more came to replace the guards they defeated. they all were about to give up when suki formed another wave with the sword and sent all the guards flying out of the castle. lardyn and his freinds rushed out of the castle and made a run for it. Lardyn and suki got on hayashi's back, and kaji ran as fast as he could to keep up with them. when hayashi stoped running, kaji cought up with them and droped to the floor. he said " i am one of the fastest elf in exidon, but you are super fast!!" Lardyn then said " hayashi, why did we stop?" hayashi said " because this is the forest of bruma..... this is were the cat spirit lives..... in this shrine in front of us." Lardyn looked to his left to see a cave like mountain in the middle of the forest. he moved closer and heard a screeching voice say " welcome..... son of gaia.."

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