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youkai vs rai final-15

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1 youkai vs rai final-15 on Fri Apr 04, 2008 12:21 pm


Flame Demon
seeing the battle happen from a distance wondering just how strong both youkai and rai was didnt notice that there was something moving behind him." hey watch out behind you." D. calling out from behind the bars that have her locked in. turning around saw that he had to fight 10 more of those creatures he fought earlyier. when he was about to charge towards them a fireball came out of nowhere destroying one of the creatures " youkai wanted me to help you out. he said he can handle the rest by himself." fang appearing out of nowhere.

back to youkai and rai. youkai was on one knee from the explosion, saw rai lying on the floor not moving." hahahahah, i have not been knock down in such a long time." getting back onto his feet made youkai a bit happy.' no i will get to use the angel form and see how it is.' thinking to himself.rai feeling a strange force coming from youkai waited to see what he was up to. youkai started to transform when the transformation was done rai was in shock from what he saw. " whats the matter rai." starting to mock rai but he felt that he wasnt in his angel form but instead he was in his demon form.' what is going on. damn it ill figure this out later.' thinking to himself while collideing sword to sword with rai.

akane and fang was able to defeat the creatures without much diffuclt turn to D. who was calling them." can you give me my sword thats over there. the bars can only be destroyed from this side not that side." fang getting D's sword while akane was amazed at the power coming from youkai." heres your sword D." " good thatnk you. now stand back." stepping back D. charged up her sword and fired an attack, but this attack was similar to youkai's flame wave but there was one thing different. instead of fire it was pure energy." what was that attack just now D." akane asking walking towards her." that was my energy strike that youkai helped me make." with that everyone turn their attantion to youkai and rai's battle.

jumping back youkai fired his X-fire attack which can only be used in his demonic state. once it hit rai it cause some heavy damage but it wasnt enough to defeat him." dont think that you can defeat me with that power of yours." rai barely able to stand due to the damage he had recive from the long battle. when a gaintic and powerful attack came from above of rai destrying him competely. " what was that." in total amazement youkai reconzings the attack. " that was my brother attack. due to the force of the attack the hole tower started to fall." EVERYONE WE HAVE TO GET OUT NOW!!!!!!!" youkai running towards the open that he saw with everyone following him.they made it safely out side the tower when they saw four other people in the distance. youkai about to fire another x-fire when D. shouted out." BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!"

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