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Chapter 3~Exposed Past - Part 4~The First Paladin

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"Sorry"Clash said regreating his sudden outburst.
They act like noting has happened and rush themselves to eat.They havent eaten for longer time then they thought.
Even though the food was not the best they have tasted it was something.Kami was eating properly while clash and
sen dug in like theve never seen food in their lives.It wasnt long before their plates where empty again.
"Clash,I wont tell you everything but it wont hurt if I tell you some of your past."Senshi said.
Clash smiled and asked"Can you tell me about my parets?".
"Your father is now one of the most powerful killing machines in this universe and noone knows
whether your mother is alive or dead,happy now?".
Clash's smile was ripped right of his face"Is this somekind of joke...".
"Nope,this is why I wanted you to figure your past out on your own.Alright get over it and lets go".
Clash tries to pretend what he said wasnt true as they walk out into the street.There was noone outside,
atleast not in the street they were in.
"Please!,weel pay you a fortune"Someone in the street across from the one they were in screamed.
They ran toward the noise and got there almost instantly.There were some villagers in ragged clothing and a large man in black armor
standing before them.The man had an axe on his back and chains around his arm.There was no place on his body that dint have armor.
The villager that was sreaming was on his knees begging"Please,what do I have to do for your help".
"I would help for no charge but I have a mission to complete,I will send someone to control the dragons some other time." The man in armor said.
With the villager clinged to his knee he tries to walk away.He becomes irritated and kicks the peasent to the side like nothing.

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