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Chapter 3~Exposed Past - Part 5~Curse

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1 Chapter 3~Exposed Past - Part 5~Curse on Tue Apr 08, 2008 11:18 pm


Clash saw what happened and yelled "Hey You!,what could be more important than helping these people".
"Thats classified"The man said still walking away.
"What are you talking about"Clash said getting more crazed with each passing second.
Clash bolted toward the man that seemed to ignore clash's furry which made him more savage.He started to
transform as he darted toward him.
"your just like your father" he said with a chuckle.
With that the man spun and threw his chain at clash.The chain wouldn't have reached,and clash knew that.
So he stopped and prepared for it to stop right in front of him,instead it somehow extended itself.It quickly wrapped itself around clash's upper body preventing him from using his arms.But his wings were free,so he tried to fly up to overpower the man.But his specialty in battle was strength so the man dint even budge,instead he slammed clash back into the ground.The chain loosened and was pulled back as the man walked away.
"Wh...where do you think your going"Clash said slowly standing up from the hit.
Clash flew up into the sky.The man laughs and throws the chain once more,this time wrapping itself onto clash's ankle up to his knee.He pulls clash toward him drawing his axe to attack when a barrier appeared around clash protecting him.
The barrier broke instantly.The solidified energy returned back into its former state and dispersed into the air.
Clash took the moment to his advantage and spun around smashing his tail into the mans face.
The chain immediately unwrapped itself off clash and sent him spinning onto the floor.The mans face was
just slightly moved to the side from the attack.Clash could barely stand up from the floor.
The man was going to finish clash off when Senshi said"Its been a long time Kusari,you still have no mercy huh".
Kusari turned his attention from clash to Senshi and said"Yes,it has been a while.We are still trying to find some one to replace you Sen"."Replace!,What the hell is going on!?"Clash asked in a baffled manner.
"Kusari Rensai.One of the four paladins that I worked with side by side with for years,that is until your father nearly killed me.I was lucky to end up alive but he left me with a curse that ruined my life."

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