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Chapter 4~Preparation - Part 1~Killer Instinct

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Clash sighed and kicked the snow at his feet when he noticed the man was gone"I'm not strong enough ...".
He tried his best to ignore his past,not wanting to know anymore about his past so he just skipped all that Senshi had said and shook his head.
Looking to the ground he said "Ill get stronger and help those people myself!
"."Alright lets get going then,no point staying here any longer.We can go into the plains for trainin..."Senshi said before being cut off by the villager screaming "Get out of this village and never come back you dragon!".
"Oh no,You've got it all wrong"clash mumbled before he started to morphed back into human.
"I'm just a shape shifter!"clash claimed before he noticed his clothing was a all riped up,then started to grow back into his perfect fit.
"What...?"Clash said in disbelief ,"What kind of clothes are these?".Never mind that now clash!"Senshi said as he saw some of the villagers come toward them.One of them draws a knife and runs toward clash.Clash just realized still astonished by the clothes and with no command from him he grabs the blade and it pierces into his palm,the blood falls down from his hand into his arm.He wanted to let go instead he grabbed into it more tightly and put all of the powers of the animals into one leg and kicked the man into a small abandoned house.He breaks the support of the house and it collapses into the ground.It all happened to fast.Clash's eyes snapped right open and turned his head to see the villagers slowly walking away.
There was a small girl among the villagers that did not attempt the attack that screamed"Daddy!,Daddy!.She runs toward the collapsed wood where her father was and nearly tripped several times before she reached him.He was unconscious with blood searing down his mouth.A giant piece of lumber that landed on his stomach,which she struggled to lift.She tried and tried but was too weak,she fell to her knees and just looked at her dad laying there dead.Clash runs to where the dead body and the girl where and stopped several feet away from her when he saw her crying laying on the rubble.
"I'm so sorry,But your father tried to kill me"Clash told the girl trying to justify his act.
But his words where an empty void that meant noting to her.By this point she was traumatized curled into a ball next to her father.Clash walked slowly toward the girl when she crawled away from him.He could see the fear in her eyes.
"Lets go clash,you've done enough here"Senshi said in back of clash.They walk away and as they do they see some of the people running to the girl.
"Kami lets go,it wont be very comfortable staying here any longer."Senshi said.
Kami was still astonished by what happened.
They were walking into the Plains after several minutes of walking when kami said "Your becoming a monster clash,you were noting like this before".
"He was trying to kill me,I had to defend myself".
"Stop this now!,Must you two get in an argument all the time.Kami,he had reason to defend himself.Clash,you dint have to kill the man,now the people wont allow us in the village.Now lets do what we came here for!"Senshi said shutting up both clash and kami.

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