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the warriors reunited-16

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1 the warriors reunited-16 on Fri Apr 18, 2008 1:01 pm


Flame Demon
"Brother why are you here?" not aware that her brother had died once before and that he and youkai fought side by side many years ago. Running towards her brother while he did the same, when her brother ran past her and attacked youkai. " why did you betray us. we were a team,a unit. why did you attack us." defending himself answered back." I didn't betray you, and also I had no other choice but to defend myself when the unit we was assign to was order to attack me. Flame you know me better then that, what reason did i have to betray you." " enough with your lies, and prepare to die." both youkai and flame collided blades with each other, while inu and mizu attack youkai from the air. jumping to avoid some more injuries beside the ones he got from his fight with rai, didn't noticed that the fourth warrior had wrapped something onto his ankle keeping him in place when he landed. Both inu and mizu grabbed one of youkais arms so he wouldn't be able to defend himself, leaving flame to attack. at the last moment D. jumped in the way and blocked her brothers attack saving youkai. " why are you doing this brother. this is not like you to attack others, especally when they haven't harmed you." but not listening flame threw D. out the way and retryed his attack on youkai but this time akane got in the way." flame stopped this. what is wrong with you, why are you attacking him. he just risked his life to save your sister. has dying chage you this much. have you really lost your mind." but still not listening flame and akane kept connecting swords with each other while D. ran forth and attacked inu." sorry about this but its for your own good. flame barrier." burning both of them to make sure they wouldn't be able to fight back for a while, rush off to help D. "flame wave." hitting inu directly in the back knocking inu out from the force of the attack." are you ok D." nodding her head yes both ran off to stop flame from his madness and to save him from himself. " fang go and grab him in the ribs, D. you grab his left arm while i grab his right arm." right when they were about to grab him they hear someone yell out to them. everyone stopped where they were and looked towards the towers that now lie on the ground in ruins and saw someone standing there." ha. i see that your all doing well, but just to let you know if you can defeat me ill let you live but when you can not defeat me then i will cut off the spell that brought you back to life." with that the shadow disappear. " hey listen everyone im sorry for doing this i was just confused." flame putting his sword away" nows that the old flame i remember." akane putting his sword away as well." youkai ill take you and D. to the nearest town while akane and everyone else heads toward the village where we fisrt met." so with that they headed off leaving akane,inu,mizu, and metaru behind.

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