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1 fangs past -17 on Mon Apr 28, 2008 1:46 pm


Flame Demon
" hey tell me something fang, like how was it for you growing up." flame looking at fang as if something was wrong, like if he was hinding something from him. "Growing up not knowing weither you live or die. It was not easy for a not so full grown wolve like myself." Fang pauseing for a moment. When he was going to speak again he stopped,thinking to himself how can he tell everybody about his past, all the hardships that he went through at
such a young age. Looking up at youkai and D. train fang turned his attention back to flame but tryed to look at the hole group."back then wolves and demons were at war with each other. That's how youkai and I met. Seeing how I was young I though he was going to hurt me but I was wrong, he actually saved my life." Fang once again took a moment and was about to speak but just stop. Not sure if he should go on when D. came out of no where "its ok fang." Then she went back to training with youkai on a new combine attack. Getting back to the story, " after a few days of being under the protecting of youkai I started to see him as my master. Because when a wolf finds someone to be their master they gain any power that person has. And since youkai has the power of fire, I too have the power of fire. But after I accepted the fact that a demon was my new master I was
discovered by others demon and to avoid getting youkai into danger I left." Fang now stareing up into the sky felt happy now that he has found youkai, but something seemed different now. Its as if youkai himself is starting to open up to someone. Like he did so many years ago." But as time past I started to forget who I was and became savage, killing anything and everything in order to survive." Looking at flame just chuckle due to the fact that he was speachless and was also interested with what else he had to offer." So what else fang.Like how did you find youkai again after so many years." Flame asking while getting closer to fang. " well as years past by I started to remember him but then one day everything just came back when I felt that youkai was in danger. When he died I lost all sense of who I was, that I started to go crazy but when he came back to life I started to search. Luckily for me he was close but not knowing that it was him I attacked him and akane. Good thing he remember me. And that's pretty much it." Getting up to join the two that were training left flame lost deep into his thoughts, wonder he still had someone out there searching for him and his sister D.

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