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the mysteries truth-18

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1 the mysteries truth-18 on Mon Apr 28, 2008 1:52 pm


Flame Demon
Hearing an explosion everyone woke up and turned their attention to the smoke behind them. Only to find out that the explosion came from youkai and D." Have you two been up all night." Fang askin while both him and
flame have a dumb look on their face " uh... huh y.....yeah we have." Youkai barely able to answer was holding D. Up making sure she doesn't fall. Fang now walking to help put D. Down, " youkai put her on my back. Both of you's can rest on my back while we continue traving." Youkai not wanting to say anything and go to sleep, both D. And youkai stared at each other and got on top of fang with D. In front of youkai using fang's head as a pillow. Leaving youkai to either use D's back or just stay wake." Its ok youkai you can use my back I don't mind." Being
extremely tired youkai fell asleep on D's back." So tell me something flame how old is D. Anyway. Because youkai tolded me that when he found her or rather she found him she was alone." Being curouis waited for an
answer. " well she may look like a little girl but in reality she is 14 years old." Shocking fang competely, he nearly fell over." Wait so she isn't like 8 or something, and in reality she really is older." In disbelief didn't say another word. After a few hours youkai woke up and feels someone next to him, thinking its fang lying next to him like in
the old days turns his head and see D. Lying next to him. While fang was on his other side. After a few minutes gone by everyone was up waiting for youkai to tell them where their heading. Still haven't reaching a
decidesion yet youkai decided just to head to the nearest town which was down a mountain." Hey why did you leave D. All alone." Youkai curious as to why flame would do such a thing when fang jumped in."do you remember
that we never got to finish our contract youkai?" fang trying to get youkai's attention smacked him across the face with his paw. " hey what did you do that for." Youkai getting up started to follow fang to a tree
that was near by while D. and her brother flame talked." So sis how is he treating you. Because if he hurt you, ill go kill him. And don't lie to me to protect him." Flame acting as if he will attack youkai." Big
brother youkai risked his life for me. Of course he is treating me ok. He protects me and never fights against anyone to avoid getting me hurt." Both stood quiet for a moment when youkai and fang return." Well the contract is complete. Now youkai can summon me when ever he wants to." Fang feeling very tired asked youkai to call him back. Youkai smiled and returned fang so he can rest and have his powers returned to full strengh. " Do you know who......kaitos is youkai." Flame a bit scared to say his name kept walking down the mountain trail that they
saw from the tower. " yea I know him." Pauseing for a moment " he's my brother." Stopping from the shocked flame turned around and just stared at youkai as if youkai just slaughter his sister." Th..that can't
b...be." Not really able to speak " hey brother are you ok." Getting in front of youkai now, making sure that her brother was clear if he wanted youkai he would have to go through her." Yeah but just so you know your
' brother' killed us and then brough us back to suffer." Turning around and contiuneing to the village not careing who he left back. D. just stared at youkai and contiuned onward with him right behind her.

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