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the leave, flame and D. Separted once again-19

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Flame Demon
Finally getting off the mountain flame stopped at the out skets of the village and waited for his sister and her 'protector' youkai to arrive." well I excorted the both of you's to the place you both wanted to go,
and its time that I headed out to meet the others. Take care of my sister youkai." " I will." Youkai and flame shaked hands before flame walked up to his sister and gave her a hug. Then headed out. " don't
worry I'm sure you'll get to see him again. So come on lets go." Youkai entering the village when D. Called to him and that's when youkai saw his brother after such a long time. "You won't get so lucky the next
time we meet." And with that kaitos disappear. Not knowing what that meant they contiuned into the town. After looking around youkai started to wonder to himself.' What's going on. First akane shows up then flame and everyone else shows up. Then my brother kills that guy like it was nothing while I couldn't beat him by myself. I needed help and even with help I still couldn't do anything to him.' Snapping out of it when he
felt someone tap his arm." Are you ok." Not answering D. Made her worry but she quickly got over it when youkai smiled at her and said to her that he was ok." Lets search the town to see if there is a place that we
can eat and rest when the night comes." Both heading into different direction trying to find anything. Youkai couldn't find anything but D. On the other hand found a place that they can spend the night, and
seeing how the village was abanded they wouldn't be bother.' Why was it even with the combine attack that I did with fang that guy was still moving around like it was nothing. Is there really people who are that
strong. Was that king like that.' Thinking to himself youkai fell asleep making D. wonder just how tired was he to fall asleep durning the middle of the day." Oh well." Getting up to find food leaving youkai behind

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