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1 a new friend, the mysteries friend-20 on Mon Apr 28, 2008 6:27 pm


Flame Demon
Waking up and smelling food made youkai remember that he was hungry and hasn't really ate anything in days. Looked up and saw D. Eating." Ummm..........is there some food for me." " of course there is dummy."
Handing him a plate to eat youkai decided to summon fang. But when he summon fang something came out, and it looked like a bear." Hey fang what's with the bear." " its another contract animal and I think that it
chose D. look." Youkai turned around an saw that D. already made a deal with the bear. " wow that was quick." Walking towards D. "yeah well it
turns out that someone made the pack for me and that bear been mines for years." Confused and hungry they just decided to eat and to get some sleep for the night." Fang would you like to sleep the night with us."
Petting the top of fangs head made D. Forget the vision the sword showed her." I would like that very much D." Both turned and stared at youkai who was just about to sleep." Ok ok he can stay out but there's just one
problem, if he feels weak I won't be able to send him back." Aware of the risk fang layed down next to D. While youkai stood next to the opening to make sure nothing was going to happen. When they awoke in the
morning they noticed that fang went missing. Then they heard what sounded like a tree falling. Rushing to see what cause the noise,saw that fang was in a fight with another shadow creature but something was different about this one. In stead of dark it was more like it light."
Fang hold on I'll help you,don't worry." Rushing to help fang " no don't interfere youkai. This is to see if I can get stronger on my own." And with that youkai just stood next to D. and allow fang to continue his fight with the light creature.

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