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fang & youkai vs the unsual light creature pt. 1-21

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Flame Demon
'So where was i. Oh yeah now I remember I was training with the light creature here.' Contiune to fight the strong monster while youkai and D. Watch the fight from a distance.trying to transform his fur but couldn't
when youkai saw this he got up and walked over to fang." What are you doing youkai." "Hold on ok. Here I think this will help you to transform." Youkai place his hand on fang, little by little fang started to transform." I think that you can only transform when I'm with you because I think your still not strong enough to transform on your own yet." Walking away so fang can fight. 'Ok here I go.' " fire shot" launching his attack nearly send youkai and D. flying. " wow fangs powers increase dramically." Youkai holding D. to make sure she's not
sent flying from the attack. When the smoke cleared there was no sign of the creature anywhere. "Is it over. Oh well." Walking away fang was attacked from the sky by an unknown attack." What the hell,what was
that" fang getting up wonder what hit him. " look up above you fang." D. Yelled out to warn fang. Looking up fang saw the creature above him and fired another fire shot. Hitting the creature head on. But it did
nothing." Damn. Ok here take this, omega fire." Launching his most powerful attack directly on the creature causeing an explosion.' Good he's defeated' thinking to himself before he collapes from the power of the transform state." Wow what power." D. too shocked to move." Yeah but he doesn't have control over it so it took a lot out of him. Lets go make sure he's ok." Youkai senseing that there was something bad coming rushed to get fang back who for some reason didn't reverd back to normal. " we have to hurry. D. lets go." " right." Now rushing towards fang, youkai started to draw his sword and D. saw did so she did the same." Fang are you ok." D. moving fang's head to see if he was ok. "Damn its here. D. can you help me protect fang because in his
transformed state I can't bring him back." Youkai looking around and saw another light creature but instead of the small one fang fought, this one was twice as big as the last one they saw.

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