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fang & youkai vs the unusal light creature pt. 2-22

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Flame Demon
" Fang come on lets go can you get up." " I.....I th....think s...so." Helping fang get up, D. Kept looking back at youkai who just kept looking at the creature. ' can this be the same creature fang just
fought, and if it is then how the hell did it survive that attack.' Chargeing towards the creature stopped short " D. change of plan, were going to defeat him together." D. alittle scared came 5 feet near youkai
and put her sword up. " ready." "ready." Launching their attacks at the sametime " fire wave/ energy strike." Both attacks fused together and exploded as soon as it hit the creature. Making the creature fall back
into trees. Wondering if they won waited. " huh, look out." D. was shot into a tree, looking back he saw the creature launch an attack at him. Putting up his sword he started to hold the attack back but couldn't
hold it anymore, so he launch another fire wave into the attack. The explosion send him flying abit but he was unharm. Unlike D. who was feeling the shock from the attack. "Snap out of it D." Turning to look
back to his oppenet and tryed to defend the attack that was coming but it was too late and he was send flying into the gates near the area where their battle was talking place. Both getting up and returning to
each others side wondering how are they going to defeat this monster." Hey how about we try that move." " you sure you up for it D, cause I mean you were barely able to use this attack without hurting yourself." D. Just nodding her head and got into position. Both started to charge up and store their power. At the same time they fire off their combined attack they been working on" ahhhhhhh 'sonic fire ball strike' here eat this." The technique moving at blinding speed hit the creature hit on in his face blasting off its head completely.

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