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betrayal? youkai vs fang- 23

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1 betrayal? youkai vs fang- 23 on Mon Apr 28, 2008 6:57 pm


Flame Demon
Thinking that they defeated the creature turned their back but fang started to growl noticeing that the creature wasn't yet defeated youkai turned back around and transform into his demonic mode and got ready to battle but something felt different paying no mind to it youkai started to charge up his mega nove attack when out of no where fang attack youkai by biting him in his side stopping the attack momentary wondering what just happen D. Screamed out "look out." But it was too late youkai was blasted in his shoulder " damn it. I have had enough of you. ' mega nova strike'." Launching the entired attack at the creature defeating
and destroying it completely. Then turned his attention towards fang. Not wanting to hurt fang decided that he had no other choice so he punched him in the head releaseing the hold fang had on him." What are
you doing fang." Not answering just trying to bite youkai. Youkai having no other choice attacked back. " youkai what are you doing, why you attacking him." " cause I have no other choice." Contiuneing the fight
youkai noticed something. Launching a flame cannon hit fang on his side but for some how fang just absorb the attack and got stronger." What the hell just happen." In complete disbelieve launch another attack but
fang counter it with his own." Damn it I guess I have no other choice,please forgive me fang.' X-fire' I hope this works." " FIRE SHOT" in a wierd demonic voice launch his own attack. Causeing an explosion youkai
decided to end the fight in one shot. Appaertly so did fang charging up his omega fire strike attack." Hmmm this should be more then enough." Charging up his nova strike." What if that attack isn't strong enough,
what then." D. getting worry now." Well I'm not gonna lie. If this attack isn't strong enough then I'm dead." Both fireing the attacks at the same time. When both attacks touched it created a white light which in gulf everyone, when the light cleared. Both youkai and fang were on the floor knocked out while D. slowly fell to the floor from the force of the two attacks combineing together like it did. But before she fell
out completly she saw that fang revered back to his normal state, then
ack into youkai.' What just happen?' thinking her final thought before she closed her eyes and just blacked out.

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