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the job? a wierd appearence-24

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1 the job? a wierd appearence-24 on Mon Apr 28, 2008 7:03 pm


Flame Demon
Upon getting up youkai noticed that he was bandaged up by someone but when he looked around there was no one around. Wondering to himself where was he,he noticed that he was near the city gates.' What am I
doing here, and where's D.' Not sure what else to think tryed to get up ' well this is like some kind of de-ja-vu' " where do you think your going,you still haven't heal. Here take a look for yourself." Removing
the bandages saw that his wounds were healed." But how, I mean when I patched you up, your wounds were still fresh. How did you heal so fast." " well because of the form, it healed me." ' how did the angelic form heal me.' Now one-hundred percent sure that he can't think of why fang attacked him decided to go back to sleep. ' I don't know how your able to go throught all of this as if it was nothing, but I'm glad your not like everyone else. Atleast you look out for me, my own brother doesn't even do that.' Thinking to herself while looking up into the sky.
Morning came and the smell of food was in the air." Who's in the village." Not sure if he should find out decided to leave the side of the gates.' Damn I must of had really used up a lot of power. Hell I didn't even know I had that kind of power. Hmmm what was that.' Thinking to himself when he saw something move. Wanting to go check it out when D. Summon appeared from the trees.' Why was she let out.' " incase your wondering why I let her out is because I wanted to know where the next town or village was, and she found it now all we have to do is get
there." As soon as she finish speaking they saw what looked like dragons flying towards the village. As they headed towards the village someone jumped out," I've been waiting for you guys. Here take this and go help out that village while I continue my mission." Disappearing just as quicking as he appeared." I think he though we were mercenary. Well seeing how were heading there might as well check it out." Walking they didn't noticed that the actual mercenarys just arrive.' So where is the guy who suppose to hire us.' Not sure where he was they left. " hey D. What do you think will be there." " I don't know, but we will find out
soon enough." And with that they kept walking towards the village.

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