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an old friend 'youma zetsumei'-25

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1 an old friend 'youma zetsumei'-25 on Mon Apr 28, 2008 7:07 pm


Flame Demon
upon nearing the village still in the forest they heard something near by.' What in the world' " hey D. Who's gonna check it out. Me or you." With a smirk on his face waited for her to say something." Ill go." And with that she headed towards the noise.' That chicken, oh well.' Thinking to herself when she saw a wing." Youkai you have to come and see this." Thinking to himself as to what will he see took his time
towards D." What,what is it. I'm here....." stopping short saw a dragon. But this dragon seem to be in pain. ' wow why is he here, and of all times.' Rushing toward to help the dragon when it spited fire at him.
Dodgeing the attack youkai kept rushing towards him." Wait youma zetsumei , don't you remember me. I saved you a few years back." Keeping his distance so the dragon wouldn't attack him. " is that you youkai?"
opening his mouth to attack just incase it was someone else. " yes,yes it is. What are you doing here?" youma now closing his mouth began to get up. " well I gave up my immortally to finish a promise I made to
your father. I hope you will allow me to come alone with you." " sure you can come with us." With a smile on his face glad that youma was comeing with them. When they heard a noise.' What was that' " hey look
someone's coming this way."

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