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1 a shockinh mystery-26 on Mon Apr 28, 2008 8:15 pm


Flame Demon
" hey is that an old man leaving the village." trying to get a closer look D.started to sneak towards the old man." hey wait up. i can check out from over here." youma jumped in the air and started to glide towards the man"ahh....a dragon. help me." and with that more villagers came out with what looked spears.youma looked back at youkai,who gave him the ok to fight back if he was attacked by the villagers." be gone dragon, or else we will strike." not expecting youma to talk was in shock when he started speaking." attack and you will die. but if you let us pass you will not be harmed." landing on the ground waited for the right moment so he can attack."us? what us?" youkai and D. walked from where they were hiding." tell me something. why did you guys try to attack my friend youma. keeping one hand on the dragon, he started to count how many villagerswasstanding outside of the walls to their homes." because of the curse our village has.before we had this curse, we used to live in harmony with dragons but that all changed when those men in armor appeared." pauseing for a moment the old man tryed to find the right words to finish his story." what men." " not much is knowned about these men. except that they are extremely powerful and called themselves the five paladins. also after they appeared the very next day when the dragons came as they usually did they attacked us,but we were easily defeated. and because none of the men in the village aren't warriors we couldn't really do much. most of the people from the villagewere forced out of the land because we didn't have money. and if the dragons attack again we are all finished." before anyone got to say a word. the roars of dragons filled the air." oh no the dragons has returned.would youplease help us defend ourselves, and the village." " thats one of the reasons why we are here. you see there was this man in armor a few miles back who asked us to help defend your village. and also i just can't leave without helping all of yous D. will never forgive me." thank you."" everyone lets go. we have to set up, well more like rein-force the walls for when the dragons comes, it will be easier to defend it. also there isn't alot of time left." everyone now rushing to enter the village stop when youma let out a roar." i'll hold them off for as long as i can." about to take flight, "stop,take D. with you. she will be able to help you out." not sure if he should, got over it and accepted the fact that he had no other choice."ok come on D. hop on my back and we can cut the dragons off." " thats fine by me." youma and D. went off,while youkai followed the villagers back inside the village to find out what is needed to help inforce the village, so they can be ready.

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