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Chapter nineteen: harpie city

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1 Chapter nineteen: harpie city on Tue Apr 29, 2008 4:02 pm


After lardyn had fun being a cat, he turned to normal form and they all headed to telia forest so that lardyn can get his bird form. On the way, suki talked about her home town. how its always night time and how there are flowers that can only be grown under the moon, she also talked about how her father was the king of her country and that her country has no real leader. She talked about how she is the only one left in the world that is royalty to her country. Lardyn asked how her country is still standing without a leader. she tells him thats its because of his father, ranpu. She also tells him that lardyn has a brother named mineraru. ( mineraru: mineral ) Lardyn, exided about what suki told him, says " were going.... after i get my bird form.... im going to darnassus!!." suki said " thats actually not impossible. the ship that i came here on is just southeast of here". Hayashi then said " thats not far, the end of exidon is just beyond telia forest, and thats just were we are headed." Lardyn then turns into a cat and runs twords the forest. suki jumps on hayashi's back and chases after lardyn, kaji sighs and runs after them. they run into the forest and sees a large flock of harpies. lardyn slows down and uses his powers to turn invisable. hayashi, unable to stop without making noise jumps into the trees instead. the forest was silent. Lardyn hopped into the trees to join hayashi and suki. Lardyn says " that was a close one, but were is kaji." Kaji then runs up to the tree, extreamly out of breath, yells " why am i always the one being left behind!!! and why are you all in the trees!!!!!! get down here!!!" Lardyn jumped out of the tree and said "you idiot!!" he then turned into bear form and roared at the harpies that were aprouching him. Then suki jumped in front of lardyn and formed a title wave that sent the harpies into the deep forest. Then hayashi said "lets hurry to the shrine and get this over with". then they all ran south east until the ended up on the top of a hill, and when they got there they could look down and see ruins. but they also can see more harpies then they can imagine. Lardyn heard a loud screech and looked into the sky to see the harpies from before, and there loud screech alarmed the harpies in the ruins. lardyn and others had no choice but to fight. as they were fighting off the harpies for there life, lardyn noticed that all the harpies were coming after him. So he turned into his cat form. he jumped high into the air and landed inside the ruins. all the harpies stop attacking the others and chased after lardyn. Lardyn ran his fastest and he was so fast that he lost his balance and crached into a ruined building. he had to turn back to normal because of the inpact. but when he looked up, he can see the harpies comming after him. so he crawled into a hole that led into a ruined building. the harpies tried to follow, but they were to big, so they just began to screem. Lardyn got up off of the floor and started to walk. as he was walking he can see drawings on the wall. they showed harpies worshiping a strange bird. then in the next drawing the bird was in human form, but still had wings. Lardyn looked closely into the drawing and then seened the face of the man with wings, turn into his face. Lardyn doubled back and fell to the floor, still trying to get away from the picture. lardyn then hears a voice saying "don't run away from your destiny, son of gaia".

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