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Chapter two:jail break

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1 Chapter two:jail break on Wed Apr 30, 2008 5:23 pm


Abyssol smashes the guards head in to the wall and rushes out of the cell taking out another guard before he could call for the alarm.he comes to a steel door leading to the front yard of the building.Need some help? Abyssol turns around and sees a stocky prisoner with red eyes and black hair.The names Rush.Abyssol:I didnt ask for your name or your help plus if.....Abyssol see`s Rush charge at the door and jumps out of the way.With a single punch the steel door flys of its hinges.Rush:There we go.Abyssol:YOU IDIOT!you just made enough noise to alert every guard in here.Rush:oh come on how many can this place possibly have.Alarms ring and guards swarm into the yard surrounding Rush and Abyssol as they stand back to back.Rush:haha now its geting fun.You take the 100 on the left and ill take the 100 on the right.Abyssol:I`m going to kill you after this.Rush:HA get in line.Abyssol grows claws charge into the swarm of guards riping and slashing.Rush starts pounding gurads into the ground with bone breaking force ignoreing slashes and bashing from the guards swords and clubs.Rush:THESE GUYS SUCK!LETS SPPED THIS UP IGNITE.Rushs hands light up with and cause explosions on contact.Abyssol starts sliceing off limbs with two swords he got of the dead.Using shadow step he avoids some of the guards attacks.A group of guards come join in to the fray Abyssol and Rush r back to back.Rush breathing heavly says more playmates.Abyssol equally tired says we`ve been holding back a bit too much.Rush:The longer the battle the better and im not in the mood to make them look like the insects they are.A swarm of grenade like metal start falling from the sky blowing up whats left of guards.Abyssol yells MOVE! whileing running out the front gate of the of the prison.Rush folows while avoiding the explosions.Outside Abyssol stops sees a girl waiting.Rush curiously asks "whos that?"Abyssol:Sara.

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