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Chapter three:Gaz

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1 Chapter three:Gaz on Thu May 01, 2008 4:10 pm


Sara smiles and says took you long enough.Abyssol says "There was complications"while glareing at Rush.Sara while laughing says wow you guys look horrible.They look at them selves covered in blood,cuts,bruises and their gray prison jump suits torn a ragged.Rush shrugs "I always look like this" Smileing Abyssol says your`ve still got those killer gray eyes that dont match your personality.Sara smiles back You know you love it now come on Gaz is waiting for us he has the information i wrote about in that note i had sent to you in the prison.Rush:Thought it was weird she was waiting for you,anyways hope we are not walking down this moutain.Sara whistles and a giant eagle lands next to her."Gaz let me borrow her to pick you up"Lets go.Later in the back of a bar called GAZ`S.Gaz:So you`ve returned and whos your friend?Rush:I just came here for the new clothes.Abyssol:ignore him say what u need to say i have no time to waste chating.Gaz:Fine fine heres whats going on."That king who screwed us over is from exidon."As you know he stole your sword Kurai and along with it your wolf Ankoku."Rumor has it his been collecting the 7 swords."I also found out that there was a single person in the guild who lead the traitors that night."Most likely he works for Matthias the king of exidon."Sara:So that person turned some of our guildmates into traitors.Gaz:Turns out most of the traitors and loyalist that did survive turned up dead in the last 3 years.Sara:fighting each other?.Gaz:Nah most likely both sides were hunted down.A double backstab you could say.Abyssol: some of the guilds top betrayed us that night.I doubt those are dead.Gaz:An informat in exidon told me of a elite guard thats forming under Matthias.Something tells thats the Mastermind and his top.So what will you do?Abyssol:We go to exidon to retrieve kurai and Ankoku.Then we hunt them all down!Gaz;:As i supected.Theres a warp gate me and Sara can make but we need mystic componets thats gonna be a bitch for you to get.A Transporter orb located deep in the Terrok forest,blood of a warp stalker and the crystal knights blessing.Abyssol:were we get the last two.Gaz:After you get a compnet ill send you the location of the next one.Rush:Shit that was way too much info my heads gonna explode.Gaz:oh Abyssol one more thing.Abyssol:what? A shifting black orb appears in Gaz`s hand.He smiles and says "catch" Abyssol blackout.

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