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Chapter four:Training

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1 Chapter four:Training on Thu May 01, 2008 11:27 pm


Abyssol wakes up in darkness.A mysterious voice says Get up to retreive what was lost you need more power.Abyssol shocked Ankoku is that you!? The voice ignores him and says what you have learned up to this point is just skill and basics.Abyssol smiles more training.Abyssol blinks and finds himself in a endless field at night.Then a black fog surrounds Abyssol that turns in to a army.There seems to be thousands of them.Abyssol reaches for his swords but finds his weapons are gone.Ankoku:Fight only with the dark abyss.Dark aura forms over Abyssol`fist.Abyssol clenches his fist and yells BRING IT!.The swarms Abyssol slashing and bashing with all kinds of weapons.Abyssol struggles to fight back against so many.Barely able to avoid the attacks takes slashes and stabs only avoiding loseing limbs.Abyssol loseing consciousness from loss of blood. Abyssol:shit....Abyssol falls to the ground barely conscious.Did i fail? Am i going to die? why? Moments of his past run threw his head.Ankoku training him and giving him kurai.His guildmates saying he`ll be a great leader someday.His father saying Abyssol no matter what always get back up spirt over mind and body.The dark aura on abyssols hands spread around his entire body making him a pitch black figure with demonic red eyes.Ankoku:now you are linked with the abyss.Abyssol stands up and forms a orb of dark matter in his hand.The soldiers try to attack him but he jumps hin the air and drops the orb which explodes.Everything caught in the exsplosions radius or near it is sucked back into a orband exsplodes again but as a shock wave.Abyssol forms more dark bombs taking massive chunks of the army until the army and the field turn back into darkness.Ankoku:Good,learn to manipulate the darkness for it is a part of you and you a partof it.Stray to far from shadows and darkness and your power will be limted.The more you learn the more darker you will become.Ankoku`s voice fades away.Abyssol closes his eyes.When he opens them hes on the back of a metal oversized sabertooth.

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