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Chapter Five:Liquid metal

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1 Chapter Five:Liquid metal on Fri May 02, 2008 7:43 pm


Sara looks back and smiles "morning sunshine". Abyssol groans while sitting up "what happened?" Sara,Gaz threw a consentrated amount of dark matter at you. Your body absorbed and you blacked out. Apparently Ankoku left it for you.Abyssol thinking to himself "So thats what that was."He said you would be fine and to starting heading out.You`ve been unconscious almost the entire ride to the temple. Abyssol,"What temple i thought he said forest? Sara,"It`s a forest temple with some monks whos been keeping the orb disguised as a religous artifact".Abyssol looking around,"were`s Rush? Sara, he said he had some stuff to take care of before he`ll help us out.I wonder why would he.Abyssol uninterested "It doesnt matter." Looking at the saber they are rideing Abyssol asks "Is this one of your creations?" Sara speaks with pride "ya,i`ve gotten alot better controling and molding my liquid metal."I can probaly make just about anything" I can even change my limbs.Sara raises her arm and liquid metal covers it shaping into a cannon like form.She aims it at a passing tree, a yellow orb of energy is shot and leaves a small crater were the tree once stood.Abyssol smirks "Impressive" Sara blushes,and looks away saying were almost there.Abyssol`s exspression turns serious, "somethings wrong."I haven`t seen any animals around since i woke up, not even a bird in the sky" Plus your deminstration should`ve stired up some little critters" Sara,"Now that you mention i havent seen anything since we entered the forest." Abyssol sniffing the air says I smell blood and corpses.Abyssol and Sara arrive at the forest temple to a gruesome sight.Abyssol,"shit" Sara covers her mouth and whispers "oh my god"

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