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Chapter six:Big sis

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1 Chapter six:Big sis on Sat May 03, 2008 4:55 pm


Abyssol and Sara dismount while staring at fryed and slashed corpes leading up to a ancient moss covered temple.Abyssol walks up to a body "Looks like these were the monks" These corpses are not even a day old yet.Sara turns the sabertooth into armor around her body and says "They were shocked to death by lightning."Abyssol and Sara exchange a look.As they enter the temples main room they see a woman standing in front of the orb with electric blue eyes,long black hair and electric blue gloves with long claws.Sara clenches her fist "Jazz" jazz, "I`ve been waiting for you two. Jazz smiles evilly,How have you been little sister? And Abyssol how was prison? Sara looking at her with anger,WHY DID YOU BETRAY US THAT NIGHT!? Jazz,"Because it was fun of course." I never had that much fun killing people before.Abyssol glares at Jazz with murderous intention.Jazz notices and says "I was sent here to kill you two" We know that you guys are trying to get exidon.Abyssol, "Who`s we?" Jazz smirks,Wouldn`t you like to know. Anyways how you like the new floor.Abyssol and Sara looking down at the floor noticed its covered with blood.They also see a pile of bodies drained of their blood in the top left corner of the room.Jazz walking down from the steps to the altar,I had to do something until you guys got here. Now enough chat,It`ll be so much fun killing you two.Abyssol reaches to draw his two swords but Sara says "No I will kill her myself" Jazz laughing, did my betral drive that insane that you think you can kill me. Sara, I`ve trained these past three years to kill you traitors.Jazz,My my my willing to kill your own sisterwe are very muh alike.Sara your not my sister your just a psychopathic traitor.Jazz laughs and yells WELL BRING IT ON LITTLE SISTER!

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