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chapter twenty: telia

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1 chapter twenty: telia on Sat May 03, 2008 7:24 pm


Lardyn got up to see a spirit like man with wings and calws and feathers on his arms. Lardyn then said "are you telia?" the birdman came closer and said "indead i am" Lardyn then said "but your not a harpie, you are a regular bird." telia then said "im both. i am also the leader of the harpies that you see in this forest". Lardyn then said in a loud voice "then why are they attacking me and my freinds!!?? you knew who i was and you knew what i was here for!!" telia laughed at the tone of lardyn's voice. he then said "that was your test, i wonted to see if you can get to my shrine with a million harpies on you back ahahahaa!!" Lardyn then said "so.... that means i passed?" telia said "with flying colors. so you will be able to turn into a bird, or you can just grow wings. and you will have the power of wind. you also will have the ability to command the flying animals." Lardyn then cheered for himself. he then closed his eyes tight, and wings grew out of his back. telia then says "lardyn you have a long way to go before you are able to beat maitthias. and i have ears and eyes all over this world, even pass exidon. your father is in darnassus. you must meet with him if you are to become strong enough to defeat maitthias. darnassus is the most known city of our world, you will meet many new people and learn many new things. there is a organization called S.T.A.R. that has a post there. join them, and save exidon from maitthias. and somewere, your mother is watching you, and she is very proud". Lardyn thanked telia and rushed out into the ruins. he then sees Kaji, suki, and hayashi fighting harpies. then lardyn flew high up into the air and screemed "stop harpies!!! these are my freinds!!" the harpies then flew awat from kaji, suki, and hayashi. Lardyn then says "how do you like my new look". Kaji said " hump..... its ok", hayashi said "they are blessings from the spirit of telia, suki said "very sexy". Lardyn then blushed and said "thank you.... suki". Kaji then yelled "please no more!!!! im about to gag!!" Lardyn then swoops down and tackles kaji and they start rumbling on the floor. suki then says "now this is my kind of entertainment!!" the hapries then start cheering at lardyn and kaji bite, slam, tackle, and punch each other. hayashi just sighs and walks to drink some water in the nearby river.

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