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Chapter eight:Warp stalker hunt

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1 Chapter eight:Warp stalker hunt on Sun May 04, 2008 10:55 am


Abyssol trains in the abyss but is woken up by Gaz saying "Sara is awake now" Abyssol walks into one of Gaz`s guest rooms and see`s Sara rapped up in bandges. Sara,Did you get the orb? Abyssol,Ya when Jazz was about to land her final blow I rushed to the altar snatched the orb and rushed back to the rooms opening.Thats when you finshed Jazz.Sara,with that speed thats how you got me here that fast.Abyssol, From watching Jazz move I learned it.Rush and Gaz walk into the room.Rush looks at Sara, "Dam girl you look like you had fun" Sara clenches her fist, wait till I`m healed up Rush im going to send you to hell. Rush, "Been there done that'. It`s actual nice there this time of year.Sara trys lunging at Rush but is held down by Abyssol. Gaz sighs, Alright Abyssol and Rush you two go hunt the warp stalker at Skettis mountain since Sara needs to heal up.When your done there head to the crystalized ruins.Sara will meet you there with more info.Rush excited,Come im itching to kill something.Abyssol and Rush arrive at the rocky Skettis mountain.Rush, How we suppose to find one creature on a entire mountain.WAIT I DON`T EVEN KNOW WHAT WARP STALKER IS LET ALONE WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE! Abyssol looking around,It doesn`t matter. The name pretty much means its some sort of mystical cat.Which should be easy to spot.They walk around the moutain searching for hours.Rush, this is soooo boring.I swear if I don`t kill something soon imma go nuts.Abyssol sees a rat scurrying away,Go kill that.Rush yells,I HAVE STANDARDS YOU KNOW!!! Out of nowere Rush is tackled my a giant purple sabertooth with spines on its back sending him tumpling down the mountain shouting,SHIT SHIT DAM!.Abyssol unsheaths his dual swords and charges at the warp stalker but it warps and tackles him from behind.Abyssol rolls and spins around sending a double shadow wave from his swords.The warp stalker warps out of the way and right next to Abyssol trying to slash him with its claws.Abyssol dodges and slashs the side of the warp stalker.It does a sonic roar that makes Abyssol jump back.It then leads a chase with Abyssol sending shadow waves at the warp stalker while chaseing it.The warp stalker dodges them by warping side to side.It makes a left into a cave.Abyssol folows it into the cave until it opens up to a massive room.The warp stalker turns around a roars a challenge at Abyssol. Abyssol and the warp stalker charge at each parrying sword to claws.Trying to overpower each other.Then Abyssol hear`s IGNITE and a flaming fist slams the warp stalker in the face folowed by many other punches.Rush finshes with a uppercut sending the warp stalker in the air.He jumps up to it and kicks it into the cave room wall with a charged flameing kick.The warp stalker staggers up.Rush says now the finsher tatoos appear on his body and he begins to change into a demon growing horns and huge black claws.His hair is fire and his face is wolf like.He charges at the warp stalker with insane speed riping and slashing the warp stalker to death.Rush turns back into normal and Abyssol gathers the scattred blood.Rush looks at Abyssol and asks "your not surprised that im a Ifrit" Abyssol heading out the cave says "I knew since i saw you in the prison" I can see demons and souls.Thats why I had no problem trusting you.I knew all you wanted was to fight which is exsacly what we will always do.Rush smiles and heads out with Abyssol towards the crstalized ruins.

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2 Re: Chapter eight:Warp stalker hunt on Thu May 08, 2008 3:46 pm


hes dangerous, rush. i think that fight deserves a place in the role playing section!! ill come to your house to speak the details

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3 Re: Chapter eight:Warp stalker hunt on Fri May 09, 2008 12:49 pm


Flame Demon
an ifrit thats cool would have never guess. i just though that he loves to fight for no reason

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