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the re-inforcement fails-27

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1 the re-inforcement fails-27 on Tue May 06, 2008 1:01 pm


Flame Demon
"The village isn't in much shape but we will try to give you what you need." The village's elder faced his village then back to youkai." I won't need much just some wood and anything you have to build with." Now looking around to see where can he set up his plan and not destroy the village in the process." When your done gather the suppies I asked for, put them in the northern westward and northern easter part of the village. I'll take the middle of the northern wall. Durning the battle between the dragons and us the rest of you's are to move and stay in the back of the village hidden so the dragons think that there is no one else here." As soon as youkai finish talking the sound of trees falling could be hear coming from beyond the northern wall. Now thinking to himself.' Becareful guys.'

" Hey D. how are you holding up against these dragons." Youma had just finished tackleing another dragon to the ground." I'm holding up fine but there's just too many of them, and at this rate I will get tired. What do you think we should do youma." D. Jumping over one dragon firing an attack at another one." Well seeing how were just here to stall them and not really fight them, and I'm not at full power lets wait for a bit longer before we go back how does that sound to you D." launching an attack hitting two dragons while they were flying through the air." Well I'll try to keep fighting but I'm not sure if I can." Dropping to one knee to catch her breath. Seeing that she wasn't a skillful fighter yet went in front of her and started to fire off multiple attacks at the dragons to help her out. Just when youma stopped attacking a ball of fire came down and strike the dragon with enough force to make the dragons retreat." guys youkai said to come and to rest the plan is not going the way he planned so hes going to need help." fang running back without waiting for an answer.

" Alright were almost done." youkai finishing puting up a wall for the battle with the dragons saw youma and D. returned back to the village." What are you guys doing here, I though you guys wouldn't come back yet." youkai with a confused look on his face " wait so you didn't send fang to get us back?" "no I didn't send anyone." now even more confused as to what's going on saw the dragons fly up from the nothern wall." Look out.Behind you!!!!" not have enough time to defend D. and the villager next to her jumped in then way and was hit with fire from three dragons.when the smoke cleared up youkai noticed that all the wood that was collected got burned,so he order that the villagers head towards the back of the village." But sir we can't the dragons have us surronded." now with no where to go youkai had to think of something and fast

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