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chapter twenty one: the dark hunter

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1 chapter twenty one: the dark hunter on Thu May 08, 2008 3:58 pm


Lardyn and his freinds walk to the shore of exidon, so that they can cross the seas into darnassus. Lardyn stops and says "how can we cross the waters?? well i know i can... but what about you all? and how did suki get here?"suki explained that she has a boat. but she can see the confusion on everyones face. she then said "actions speak louder then words. follow me". they then kept walking and lardyn ran in front of everyone and said "what is that big thing in the water!!" suki then says "that is called a ship. and the ship you see is the finest one in all of telaria". Lardyn then said "which one is that? the purple one or the brown one?" Suki then said "it the purpl..... brown one???? there should be only one ship here!!" Lardyn then yelled "outsiders!!" as he saw three people walking tword them. One of them rushes at lardyn, but kaji jumps in the way and says "let me take care of this one". Kaji then charges at the man and they clash. suki then says "one of them is a girl..... thats my person.." suki then walks ahead of lardyn and walks pass the man holding two swords. lardyn walks up to the man holding the swords and says "who are you? and what are you doing here?" the man then says "YOUR IN MY WAY!!" the man charges at lardyn. Lardyn jumps away from his attack and forms his arm into a needle arm. he then charges at the man, but the man disappears. Lardyn confused, hears the man behind him say "ametuar" and he attacks lardyn with his two swords. but lardyn knocks him to the floor when he sommons his wings. lardyn flyies into the air and says "leave this place now or you will get hurt!! lardyn then sommons his sword. the man then smiles and says "intresting. looks like your a shap-shifter. i see you also have the nature sword, one of the legendary swords, so you might know were mines is." Lardyn then says "you can't possably own one of the swords..... leave now!! you are a outsider!!! and outsiders are not allowed!!" Lardyn then extens his sword, aimming it at his opponent. but the man jumps into the air and lands on lardyn's sword. Lardyn tries to re-sommon it, but the man runs to lardyn and stabs his left wing. Lardyn is forced to put away his wings du to the damage, and he starts to fall, but he turns to cat form and lands safely on his feet. The man fall from the sky but lands safely on his feet as well. the man starts to laugh and says " i have you figured out. you have animal forms and you use them in combat. ill end this quickly". lardyn notices a dark aura around them man. the aura was so black that lardyn could no longer see the man, just the outline of his body and two steamy read eyes. the man then says "before i beat you sensless, whats your name?" Lardyn then clenches his teeth, and tightens his fist. then a green aura starts to form around him and he hears hayashi screem "no lardyn!!! don't do it!!" Lardyn then says "my name is lardyn.... son of gaia.... protector of exidon.... and i am also.... your worst nightmare!!" the man then laughs and says "pathetic, you can't protect enything with only that much power. my name is abyssol, and you will soon regret you ever met me!!" Abyssol then charges at lardyn, and lardyn lets out a large blast of nature energy that stops abyssol in his tracks. but abyssol lets out a loud battle cry and dark aura burst from his body and overcomes the nature energy. Abyssol then draws his two swords and says "pethetic weakling!!" then abyssol's two swords obsorbs the dark aura and then he slashes lardyn and a loud blast shoots lardyn out of the air and into three trees, breaking one after the next. abyssol landed on the ground and started to walk twords lardyn, but hayashi jumped in the way and shot needles from his back, at abyssol. abyssol destroyed the needles with a wave of his arm. but when he looked at the ground, lardyn and hayashi were gone. Hayashi, while lardyn was on his back, ran to the ship. but he noticed that kaji was knocked out cold in the distance. so he ran there and picked him up and went to the ship to drop him off. he then sees suki held by the neck, by the women she was fighting. so he ran there and tackled the women picked up suki by his fangs, and ran for the ship. the women was throwing darts at hayashi while he was running to the ship. when he looked back he saw the bulky man and the women chasing after him. but then he heard abyssol say "forget about them, they are not inportent". so hayashi walked slowly to the ship. but when he got there he saw men by the ship. so he got into battle position. but one of them said "princess suki!!!".

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